Is NASCAR In A Crisis?

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Is NASCAR In A Crisis?
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Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson on his 4th Championship win. Hendrick's Motorsportshave succeeded in dominating this years series, and there seems to be little or no competition to break their dominance. Everyone likes a winner, but in the current financial situation with fans struggling to be able to afford to pay to go to races, one-sided television coverage in favor of Hendrick's I wonder why the other 38 drivers are not getting their "fair share" of the lime-light.

Being British, I saw this happen in Europe with the F1 series and the domination of Ferrari and Michael Schumaker. At first it was a novelty, but soon the idea of one driver constantly winning every race with such dominance made racing a bore.

Crowds soon dropped dramatically and luckily the F1 authorities saw this and stepped in to make the playing field more even for all teams and drivers. They banned the use of traction control, reduced the use of technology in racing to bring it back to a more acceptable and less expensive level. If you think NASCAR teams spend lots of money on their teams, then look at F1 and their expenses. They make NASCAR look like Sunday afternoon demolition derby teams in comparison. Admittedly F1 still has it's problems - a  dictatorial leader in the form of Bernie Eccleston who can do no wrong - but they are trying to bring the fans back by organising a level playing field so most teams are operating within the same financial and technological evenness.

Brian France, and the other "leaders" of NASCAR, please step in and put all teams on an equal footing. Fans enjoy the old style of racing where there was bumping and bashing, the cars were driven and not just "steered". Bring the fun and excitement back into a "man's sport" and tell the current crop of drivers that complain and cry when they get bumped to shut up or quit the sport. (We all know who they are)...

The similarities between NASCAR and WWE are getting too close.... NASCAR is a sport, not just a means of staged entertainment. Or am I missing something????


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