The LFL's Los Angeles Temptations Media Day

Jeremy MeyerCorrespondent INovember 27, 2009

Amidst the media hoard at Los Angeles Coliseum, where the Lingerie Football League's Los Angeles Temptations had a day of full availability, we spent some time looking as the hoard of photographers who took pictures with various Temptation players, plus the Temptation Coach.

The first person we had the opportunity to speak with was the Founder/Chairman as well as Interim Commissioner of the LFL Mitch Mortaza who gave us the 411 on the league. He also gave us a few news notes in regards to the future of the league next year with four expansion teams.

He also gave us the 411 by saying "I wouldn't say a gimmick. It started out as a half time attraction and it definitely drew a huge audience through the years that it aired and we decided if we are having that kind of success with a television special, what could happen if we built more of a year round model like the NFL and put teams in these football rich markets?

He made sure to tell us that he was just the commissioner right now. "Interim commissioner—we're going to get a real commissioner here." We have several big candidates who have worked in pro sports before so we will be naming somebody by the end of the season.

He was also asked about Dennis Rodman, who was supposed to be the commissioner, when it was just the Lingerie Bowl. Mr Mortaza said "When we were goofing around with it, we had Dennis, who's a great personality. Now that it's a real legitimate sport, we need to bring in someone that has a background in running a league."

This after the attendance numbers have been 20 percent higher then they expected. TV ratings have been first or second in markets in prime time with adults 25-55.

There will be new teams joining the league next season according to Mr. Mortaza in the following markets- Houston, San Jose in the West and Nashville and Orlando in the East.

He also added not all of the teams are owned by the league and that you could possibly own a team if you're interested. The leases of the buildings are being signed and ownership groups are being set up.

That's right! For a few million dollar investments, you can own one of the franchises in the league. Mortaza did mention the the league owns 51 percent of the teams while outside investors/owners own the rest. Check for more information.

We sat down individually with WR/RB No. 16 Britainie DeGarbott.  DeGarbott expressed a state of calm focus and referred to the determination in beating Seattle on Friday for the team's first home game of the inaugural season of the LFL. She also discussed her relationship status and how girls would've gotten injured if she played in the original Bowl games.

"I have not played in the previous Bowls. I probably would've injured many players (Laughs) if I had played."

"This is because they weren't really athletes back then—oh yeah but my agent had recommended it to me as a joke but little did he know how much I love football!"

"I love all sports and I took him seriously and then went to the try outs which hundreds of girls came out for."

"I was lucky to get picked!"

She discussed that she plays two positions so its a lot like Arena football. "Honestly, I'm not the kind of person to predict a win." She really does think that LA will win Friday night. She believes in her girls and they have a better roster and have played tougher teams then Seattle.

"Hopefully we can catch them off guard and smack them in the mouth"

She has gotten no marriage proposals yet and said she was a big dork forever in High School. She added she had no friends and sat alone during lunch. Britainie was also in drama club and wore glasses. Then, one day, "It just happened! I don't know what happened exactly! Maybe just recently (laughing) I think its the uniform...yeah total nerd at heart! I don't see myself as this "lingerie sexy".

Britainie did mention that she doesn't have a guy at home but is waiting for someone to come and sweep her off her feet. "I really want someone that's an athlete like me,healthy,fun and a positive thinker. She also mentioned that she's a nurse for her "real job" and so being healthy being physically active is really important to me."

"I'm probably the least high maintenance of anyone on the team. When Ms. DeGarbott said that I was added that we should go to Carls Jr and to which she replied "I said healthy!" to which I quickly answered "Well they do have salad!" to which she responded she said "deal whatever lol."

Temptations head coach David Bizub was next on our list to interview. He was very open and discussed the team, tryouts, as well as his opinion on Friday nights game. We also discussed how he was hired for the job. He mentioned that he has been with the team since the very beginning when the LA team was known as "Team Dream."

"The girls have become more athletic and more competitive. The game has become a lot more aggressive and a lot more competitive over the years. Even the first year, the fans who actually showed up to the event were quite shocked to see that it was real football"

We are 1-1 right now and, hopefully, about to be 2-1. We'll beat Seattle. I asked him to discuss Seattle a little bit "Seattle is a tough team. They're 2-0, and haven't been beaten yet. We have to realize they haven't lost yet, so its our job to take advantage of that and take it to them.

We discussed and hoped that maybe Seattle would come in to this game being kind of cocky and lose because of this. When I added he should take a look at USC as an example all he could do what smile and have no comment in regards to that matter. He did say USC is a great program is a huge fan of Pete Carroll.

Back on topic, he said "I'm not scared of Seattle. I know they're going to come in and be tough. I discussed with the coach the fact of not being intimidated but asked if the girls were. Coach said "The girls are not scared of anyone! They're more afraid of our coaches then they are of the players on the other team."

The Seattle team wasn't at the media day so we were not able to get any information on them.

The Los Angeles Temptations will take the field at the LA Sports Arena on Friday. Kick off is set for 9pm with tailgating beginning at 5pm. Check local listings at KDOC in Los Angeles or for the online stream where you can also find some Temptations gear.