J-Mac's MMA Month in Review

Elton HobsonCorrespondent INovember 26, 2009

In a months time we the fans were given three UFC events and I feel like we've all learned some valuable lessons.


1) We love to hate decisions.


I'm going to get the most talked about topic out of the way first, judging. In the last month all three main events have gone to decision and all three decisions have been controversial. Love him or hate him, Lyoto Machida out pointed Shogun with his "elusiveness", Couture wrestled Vera for a win, and Forrest somehow 30-27ed a less than impressive Tito. In all three fights there is a large debate going on over how poorly the fights were judged and in some cases awarded the win to the wrong fighter. Either way I don't think there is anything we as fans can do about the current judging situation, MMA is still a young sport and it's going to take some time before the commission is able to sort out a solid way of judging fights. I'd actually be thankful some of these controversial decisions happened because maybe it will jump start the changes that need to be made. And for God's sake, get rid of the 10 point must system.


2) Could the era of the wrestler return?


After Coutures victory over Vera I couldn't help but question the idea that maybe wrestling has never left the throne of top fighting style. Everyone talks about how a complete mixed martial artist is now the most dominant fighter but lets look at the people who are winning lately. Couture basically wrestled out a win, Cain Velasquez utilized his wrestling to keep Ben Rothwell up against the fence and get takedowns whenever he pleased, Joe Stevenson has been doing extremely well recently and reminded me of a dominant Matt Hughes in his last win over Spencer Fisher and Josh Koscheck's wrestling was the deciding factor in his win over Anthony Johnson. UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is a perfect example of this, he uses his wrestling to get anyone down and then stays where wrestlers love to, in half guard. GSP is a great example of that complete mixed martial artist, yet he's now become known for his lethal wrestling skills which allow him to take down anyone he wants. I personally think wrestling, while it may not be the coolest style, is still the most dominant.


3) Anthony Johnson is not the next big thing.


I never believed the hype and this past saturday proved everything I thought. Anthony Johnson never fought anyone worth mentioning and when he does...he loses. Two disappointments in one months time (the first being not being able to make weight) and Johnson has proven he will never get the welterweight belt like so many people have claimed he would. And if you think Koscheck played up the illegal strike stop being so ignorant, an illegal strike is an illegal strike and Anthony Johnson is lucky he didn't lose by DQ. Oh and for the record he eye poked Koscheck on the ground before he kneed him. Speaking of Koscheck...


4) Josh Koscheck is the man.


Josh Koscheck has slowly become one of my favourite fighters for a few reasons. He fights anyone on short notice. I wrote an article a few weeks back about how UFC 106 needed another big fight added to the card but it was too late to find anyone, enter Josh Koscheck. This guy has become the UFC's first choice when they need to fill a fight on short notice and it doesn't matter if he wins or loses because he was willing to fight without even having enough time to train properly for his opponent. He says he wants to fight 10-12 times next year if he can, this guy LOVES to fight. He tells it like it is, he's willing to say what everyone else is thinking and he even stands up to Dana White (he was actually fired because he refused to sign away his rights for the UFC game). Bottom line is Josh Koscheck is one bad ass mother fucker and you can always count on him to put on a good show.


5) Tito Ortiz is not back.


I did predict that the fight with Forrest would be a split decision again but I thought we were promised the best Tito we've ever seen. Instead we got a 3rd round punching bag. I've always been a Tito fan but maybe it's time for Tito to start training with some top level LHW and HW fighters if he's planning on making a title run. Either have him fight the winner of Couture/Coleman or let him fight Rich Franklin (because it seems the UFC doesn't know what to do with him), but Tito needs to stop fighting guys who are in the title picture because right now he just can't handle them.


Written by SuckFist! Contributor J Mac.