WWE Reportedly "Giving Up" On Pushing Jack Swagger

Javier E.Contributor INovember 26, 2009

Hello B/R readers and thanks for taking the time to read this article. Now this is more a rant than article but anyway like the title above indicates, sources have reported that the WWE has seemingly given up on pushing Jack Swagger. My question is why? The man is a former All American wrestler which of course is where his gimmick comes from. He's a 6'6 263 pound monster who unlike the other giants wrestlers in WWE can ACTUALY WRESTLE. He has the image, ability to work the mic, can draw heat, irrogant. cocky, and basically all the needed materials are there to perfect the formula.

My question is why is the WWE giving up on Swagger? What have they done to really push Jack Swagger to a main event superstar? Oh sure he won the ECW Championship back in 2009 but how is that he can't even win the U.S. title? WWE lets jobbers like Evan Bourne with no real direction constantly get the better of him. Right now he's in a mini feud with The Miz which might indicate a face turn but I think the role of the heel better suits him. The WWE should take a major gamble and put him in a feud with a main event caliber face. Look at the wonders its done with Kofi Kingstone who's using his feud with the "Viper" Randy Orton to the fullest in push himself into the main event scene. Have him in a feud with Triple HHH, this could do wonders for him and get the fans to believe he's an actual threat to the veterans and possibly help break into the main event scene as well.

Last mondays breakthrough battle royal was filled with wrestlers who had never been champion before but Jack Swagger was apparently missing which kind of ticked me off. I know you're proboly saying "Oh but he was the ECW Championship before so thats why idiot", then why was Mark Henry and Randy Orton in it, instead of Jack Swagger we get the equivalent of Sheamus who draws no heat, hasn't won a WWE title on the main show (smackdown, raw, ecw) win the battle royal and the title shot against Cena. Now what you fans prefer? John Cena vs Sheamus or John Cena vs Jack Swagger? I would prefer John Cena vs Jack Swagger, why? Because we've seen these two go at it back during the 2009 WWE Draft. It was a Champion vs Champion match and man did Swagger give it his all. He gave Cena  a challenge and frankly I didn't think Swagger had it in him, yeah cena did eventully win the match but it wasn't easy.

These days Swagger is used as comedy sometimes much like Chavo Guerrro is. I'm scared that might end up like Chris Masters, who was pushed strongly in the beginning but suddenly disappeared from the scene. He eventully came back but it was felt like he wasn't there. Oh well nothing left but to just wait and see what happens next.

Thanks for reading