What This Chicago Fan Is Thankful For

Sam Wenk@srwenk22Senior Analyst INovember 26, 2009

Living in Chicago or being a fan of the city's teams is a love/hate relationship.  Given that today is Thanksgiving, here are some of the things the city's sports teams have made me thankful for:

Tom Ricketts - Chicago Cubs Owner

Now that Tribune Co. is finally out and the sale is completed, hopefully a fan-first mentality will help end the 101 year World Series drought.


Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls

Sure, he has been playing poorly so far this season, but the kid isn't even old enough to drink alcohol.  He may be dealing with a sophomore slump, but no player in the city means more to his team than Rose.


Lance Briggs - Chicago Bears

On a team filled with over-hyped and over-paid players, Briggs is the only weekly performer who demonstrates what the label super-star should be about. 

Plus, he is obsessed with comic books!


The Blackhawks Organization

After a disappointing baseball season, everyone looked forward to Jay Cutler and the Bears.  After Cutler decided to lead the league in interceptions and the Bears decided to build for next season (yet, with no 1st or 2nd round pick, this seems impossible), everyone anticipated a breakout Bulls season.  With the team currently under .500, the only sports team that is living up to the hype is the Blackhawks. 

Personally, I've never watched a full NHL game from beginning to end, but due to the stress levels of Hawk fans being non-existent, I may finally convert.


Gordon Beckham - White Sox

From Day One, Beckham has been deemed the Franchise. Even as a die hard Cubs fan myself, I have to admit I really like Beckham.  His confidence is merited by his play, and he just seems like he will be a fixture in the league for the next 20 years.


Carlos Zambrano - Chicago Cubs

No one knows what Big Z will do or say next, and that's the main reason why I am thankful for him.  Whether it be another case of the cramps from his reluctance to drink water during games or his salute to the sky despite surrendering 6 earned runs the previous inning, the one consistent thing about Zambrano is the entertainment he provides.


Johnny Knox - Chicago Bears

General Manager Jerry Angelo has proven each year he has no cue how to run a draft, but the speedy Knox at least is one gem in a pile of garbage from the 2009 class.  An injury is likely to come since these types of players never seem to last—Yes Tommie Harris, I'm talking to you!


Joakim Noah - Chicago Bulls

Sort of the Zambrano of the Bulls, Noah is finally playing like the stud he was for the Florida Gators.  He currently leads the league in rebounds and has an energy level higher than an kid after polishing off his Halloween candy.


Pat Fitzgerald - Northwestern Wildcats

Coach Fitz is the definition of a head coach, with infinite leadership skills and a passion for all things purple.  Why would he ever leave for Notre Dame?


Charlie Weis - Notre Dame

The only reason i'm thankful for the massive Irish coach is the fact he has taken some of the criticism that the Bears, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox all deserve this time of the year.