Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard: A Superhero Duo Next Season?

Brandon RibakSenior Writer INovember 26, 2009

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Before any viewers bash this article simply recognize that this is just a possibility and not a definite outcome.

After an outstanding matchup between the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, what would the NBA be like if Dwyane Wade joined heads with no other than Dwight Howard?

In a recent interview with RealGM.com, Wade spoke out to say,

"If I could pick one player in the league today to play with -- and most people think I'd say LeBron James -- I would pick Dwight Howard," said Wade.

While Wade is simply expressing his opinion, this statement immediately get's any NBA fan extremely concerned.

Wade continued stating,

"I'd love for that to happen at some point. Dwight is already close right here in Orlando. People who say it couldn't happen (us playing on the same team), they don't know. I've learned in this league that anything is possible."

When discussing the 2010 free-agency most people come out and say that there is no way a player like Dwyane Wade or LeBron James could team up with another superstar.

But why not?

Hypothetically speaking...if D-Wade told Miami that he did not want to play for them next season the Heat would instantly be faced with two options.

One, being let him go off into free-agency and obtain absolutely nothing for him.

Two, and the most likely option if this were to happen, trade him to the team of his choice and acquire the absolute maximum you can get for the former NBA Finals MVP.

Having said that, the Magic would be able to ship off recently added Vince Carter (who's $17.3 mill contract expires after the '10-'11 season) and guard J.J. Reddick (who has a $3.8 mill qualifying offer for the '10-'11 season).

This would be the best bet in reality for Miami.

Wade furthered the interview saying,

“I’ve played with a dominant center before, and there’s nothing like it. It changes the whole game. It’s why I’d love to play with Dwight. He’s a phenomenal center who has only just scratched the surface of where he’ll be,’’ Wade said. “And he’s the type of guy you’d really like to be around.

At the end of the day could this possibility really turn into a reality?

The answer is YES and for any of you doubters out there, the day might come when you turn on ESPN and you get slapped in the face with a BREAKING NEWS: DWYANE WADE TRADED TO ORLANDO!

Don't believe me? Just read Wade's final quote of the interview below!

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