MMA Judges, It's Alright To Declare A Fight a Draw If You Have To!

jason hughesContributor INovember 26, 2009

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 In light of the recent events that have taken place at the last couple of UFC events I have become very disgusted at the lack of use of an old fallback when fights are almost or too close to call, THE DRAW.

 Let's just say that I find it hard to believe that out of some  four recent controversial fights , there had to be a declared winner when in fact that was anything but the case.

 Do I say that all of controversial fights deserverd this , no I dont, but in the case of Machida v Shogun a draw would have made perfect sense, THE DRAGON retained his title , the crowd knows that he didnt actually win this fight and we will still be heading down the road that we seem to traveling today.

 Money, I am not sure how that would be divided up with a draw but there is president for the draw from previous matches, we just havent seen it in a big fight in a couple of years.

 Boxing calls draws a lot more than the UFC which leads me to wonder , do the judjes of MMA automatically go into a fight predetermined that a winner must emerge clear cut, because it doesnt have to go down like that.

 Where does this affect money, held back for winners and losers ,and does a draw, especially in a title fight automatically qualify for fight of the night, unless it was a total snoozefest it probably does.

 If a championship fight is declared a draw just becuase the challenger did not clearly beat the champion, well then thats a lot better than just giving the champion a win he did not deserve , and putting a loss in the column of a fighter that didn't deserve that either.

 Think about it, in all reality Shogun should be guarenteed nothing , not a rematch, no accolades that come with a draw, which means on that night you were just as good as the champion was and automatically have the next shot at him.

 And if CAPTAIN AMERICA wants to continue to fight like the Vera fight then we could see draws from here til retirement.

THE DRAW, really underutilized in this sport.