Dick Vitale Proclaims the Pac-10 Is the Best College Football Conference

BabyTateSenior Writer INovember 26, 2009

SOUTH BEND, IN - FEBRUARY 9:  Dick Vitale of ABC announces the game between Notre Dame and Pittsburgh at Joyce Center at the University of Notre Dame on February 9, 2003 in South Bend, Indiana.  Notre Dame defeated Pittsburgh 66-64.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Dick Vitale is about as famous as, well, Paul McCartney. Jack Nicholson? Donald Trump? Oprah Winfrey?

Let's just agree he is one of the most famous personalities of the past 25 years.

So when the college basketball guru makes a statement, the rest of the world perks up its ears to hear what he says.

However, one was forced to do a double take with the commentary he laid down in New York City on Wednesday night during the later stages of the Duke-Arizona State basketball contest.

With the Blue Devils moving along to another victory in the young round-ball season, ESPN play-by-play announcer Dan Shulman began to question Vitale concerning a variety of subjects to keep the TV audience from turning to another channel.

At this point, Vitale shocked the world by proclaiming the "Pac-10 is the best college football conference" this season. Shulman prodded the legendary sports analyst with hints that fans of other conferences may feel differently.

Vitale held firm, stating he felt that way "because of strength top to bottom" in the Pac-10.

Moments later, after additional queries by Shulman, Vitale declared the "Big 10 is the best basketball conference" this season.

A most likable and self-deprecating man of great charisma and accomplishments, Vitale is always available for speaking his mind and giving his opinions regarding virtually everything.

Dickie V., as he is known to his followers and detractors, is extremely knowledgeable in the major sports. His candid analysis of athletic issues underpins his position as the most famous person in the business.

While entertaining to say the very least, Vitale may have provided college football fans with a rallying cry for the season. No matter who plays in the BCS Title game, does it really matter if they advance without playing in the Pac-10?

A review concerning outside of conference schedules for teams in the Pac-10 reveal a very favorable record of 20 wins and nine losses for a 69 percent winning rate.

But a comparison to teams in the SEC casts doubt upon the veracity of Vitale's assertion of PAC-10 supremacy.

The outside of conference record of SEC teams is 39-6, an 87 percent success rate.

Surely the actual results must mean something in this debate.

To be certain, an in-depth analysis regarding quality of the outside opponents could reveal a different conclusion but, even that appears argumentative and unlikely.

So there we have it. An entire season of work and accomplishment washed down the drain by the ultimate sports announcer.

And just thinking, isn't that the responsibility of the BCS selection committee?