Nebraska-USC Basketball: More Than Just a Game

Josh KleinCorrespondent INovember 25, 2009

Remember a few years back, Husker fans?  A few years ago when Nebraska fans thought their football team was on the rise and USC came to town?

No, this isn't an article about football.  This is a plea for a big win early in the season from a Husker basketball fan.  Nebraska looks like they pulled a little something together in games against TCU and UMKC.



This Sunday, Nebraska is going to play a real team from a real conference.  The question Husker fans are asking themselves is: Is this going to be the Husker team that got trounced by St. Louis, or the team that ran away from TCU?

The good thing about this game isn't that the players get to spend a weekend in California, but that it comes against a team that has been to the big dance the past two seasons. 

Sure, this may be a down year for the Trojans, but a win by this Husker squad could propel this young team into decency.

I say decency, because no matter what happens on Sunday there are still too many unknowns.  Can this team win on the road?  We'll find out Sunday.  But beyond that, it's hard to tell.

Is Sek Henry the team leader?  Or is it Brandon Richardson or Brian Diaz?  Could it be Lance Jeter or Ryan Anderson?  No one knows, but this team soon needs to find out.

Henry has stepped up as of late, and seems to want that leadership role.  I say to Doc, let him have it.

USC isn't the team they have been the last few years.  A baffling loss to Loyola Marymount is proof enough of that, but they are still the Trojans and they are still from a big-time conference.

If Nebraska wants to earn any sort of credibility, it starts with Sunday evening.

Because they sure won't get any from beating teams like Texas-Pan American or Chicago State.

Sunday it's more than a game, it's respect, it's relevance and it's revenge for the two times the Trojans hammered Nebraska in football a few years ago.  A win here, and this team may just start to believe in itself.

And with young players this talented, that's a scary thought for the Big 12.