Miles' Seat Shouldn't Even Be Warm

Jeremy EnglandContributor INovember 25, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, AL - NOVEMBER 07:  Head coach Les Miles of the Louisiana State University Tigers questions Head Linesman Johnny Crawford (L) during the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 7, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

LSU head football coach Les Miles made one of the most incompetent coaching jobs ever seen on live television last Saturday. 

After getting beat up most of the game by an Ole Miss team that was desperately trying to give the game away, Miles and the LSU tigers found themselves in position to steal a win toward the end of the game. 

After scoring the would be tying touchdown and failing to convert for two, Brandon LaFell miraculously recovered an onside kick on the LSU 42 yard line with 1:16 left to play.  Two plays later, the Tigers ended up well inside field goal range at the Ole Miss 32.  LSU is in position to win.

That is when things went wrong on the LSU sideline. 

Miles makes a few illogical play calls resulting in a sack that puts his team out of field goal range.  He also inexplicably waits for the next coming to call time out, wasting precious seconds.  Then he fails to have his field goal unit ready to take the field after a Hail Mary pass with 1 second left on the clock as if he didn't expect it to work.  Instead, Jordan Jefferson spikes the football and time expires on the clock, Ole Miss wins.

Following that game, Miles faced a firestorm of criticism, and rightfully so. But should that performance be the defining moment of Les Miles tenure at LSU?

When Les Miles arrived in Baton Rouge, Tigah fans were hopeful but realistically didn't expect the same level of success that Nick Saban had achieved down on the bayou.  Afterall, how often does a school win a BCS national championship?

As usual after a new, and relatively unknown, coach takes over a storied program, Miles was met with skepticism.  He had big shoes to fill, and the nay sayers would be waiting for him to fail.

Fast forward 3 years and not only did the LSU faithful believe that Miles was as good as Nick Saban ever was, they believed he was better.  By that time he had won 3 SEC western division titles, 1 SEC title, and a BCS National Championship.  Recruiting had not missed a beat since the departure of Saban.  To top it all off, Les Miles had just beat Nick Saban on his own grass.

That level of success is difficult to maintain.  A rebuilding year is inevitable.  Tiger fans would have none of it.  Miles detractors got louder after he guided his team to 8-5 in 2008.  Never mind that he kicked his star quarterback off the team before fall practice.  Never mind that Nick Saban had restored Alabama and instead of counting that as a "W" they would actually have to compete for the western crown.  No, it's win, or else.

Now it seems that nobody is defending Miles after Saturday, maybe LSU will pull the trigger and let him go. 

Before they do, they should ask themselves; who would take the job after they fired a coach that was 50-14, and two years removed from a national championship?