"What If" Sheamus Won The WWE Championship at TLC?

Javier E.Contributor INovember 25, 2009

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to check out this article. Now I'll be strictly honest, I like many other fans believe that there is NO CHANCE IN HELL that Sheamus is going to walk out of TLC with the WWE Championship in three weeks. Why? well lets see what led up to this match up.


On the November 23rd episode of Raw, it was a 3 hour thanksgiving episode with special guest host Jesse Ventura. Now Jesse being one to express what ever is on his mind expressed his feelings over the World/WWE title picture over the last couple months, and like ALOT of us is tired of the same old wrestlers main eventing every pay-per-view (triple hhh, shawn michaels, chris jericho, randy orton etc.). So he announced the first ever Breakthrough Battle Royal where superstars who had never once tasted the glory of championship gold would get an oppurtunity to become the new #1 contender. I was quite excited with the final line up being Kofi Kingston, MVP, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiasi (Randy sneak attacking Primo and defeated Evan Bourn; Mark Henry was already an ECW Champion).


Back and forth action with the following eliminations occuring in this order:

  1. R-Truth Eliminated by Sheamus
  2. MVP Eliminated by Sheamus
  3. Legacy Eliminated by Mark Henry
  4. Mark Henry Eliminated by Sheamus
  5. Randy Orton Eliminated by Kofi Kingston
  6. Kofi Kingston Eliminated by Sheamus

Winner- Sheamus.

With this win Sheamus became the new #1 contender for Cena's title at TLC in a Tables Match. Now everyone and their grandmas grandma has their money on Cena retaining the title because frankly, he just doesn't get any heat from the crowd, never taken on top level competition, never held a singles title, and has barely had five months in WWE. But then there lies the question of, "WHAT IF"?


Fast forward three weeks and its wwe's brand new pay-per-view TLC. Cena and Sheamus are nearing the end of a brutal tables match. With a table stacked on the outside of the ring, Cena attempts an AA but Sheamus gets out of it, low blows cena, and sends him flying to the outside with the Crucifix Powebomb effectively crashing thru the table leaving the entire world in shock. Sheamus defeats Cena and becomes the new WWE Champion. Now what? What would WWE do? Here's what I think would happen.

On the following nights Raw, Sheamus comes down to the ring with his newly won WWE title and starts talking about how he is now the champion, how he destroyed cena, same yada Mada we hear every time. John Cena's music hits and he makes his way to the ring with a frown on his face. He declares his rematch clause and how he well never give up and do whatever it costs to retain the title. As Sheamus is about to start his comeback Randy Orton's comes out. Declaring that how Cena is no longer the champion, he can rightfully challenge for the title. Then Kofi Kingston comes down and talks about how he has been beating Randy left and right and that HE should be the new #1 contender. The two staredown as the nights guest host comes out and declares an immiediate John Cena vs Sheamus rematch for the title.


Later in the night while the match is nearing its end, just as Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Sheamus, Orton slithers in and punts Cena ending the match in a DQ. Orton continues the attack until Kofi Kingston comes out and makes the save. This sets up a Sheamus vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston match for the WWE title. Over the next few weeks tension rises between these four leading to a Face vs Heels tag match the Raw before the Royal Rumble. Problems rise between Cena and Kofi during the match which ends up with Kofi hitting the Trouble in Paradise symbolizing that its every man for himself this sunday. With Orton getting the pin, both Orton and Sheamus continue the attack on Cena. After they leave Cena all crippled, Sheamus suddenly strikes with a Bicycle Kick on Orton showing that even though they're both heels its every man for himself when it comes to the title. The raw ends with Sheamus standing over the knocked out Orton holding up the title as we fade to black.


Now remember this is just a fantasy its MOST likely not going to occur so don't trip.

Thank you for reading and hoped you enjoyed.