College Football Predictions

Edwin Bear@ INovember 25, 2009

I decided to go ahead and start posting my weekly prediction blogs on Bleacher Report this week also.  If you want to check the validity of my results you can visit or google Edwin The Bear and check out any of my other various blogs.  Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy!

There’s only a few weeks left to get my season spread winning percentage to .500 so I can at least say I’m bowl eligible.  College spreads are way tougher to pick than the NFL.  Below are my results thus far.

Season Spreads: 20-22

-          Winning Percentage: .476

Season Winners: 29-13

-          Winning Percentage: .690

Florida State (+25) at #1 Florida: The Gators will win but there’s no way they cover this spread.  FSU wants to remain over a .500 ball club and shut Bowden critics up by defeating their in state rival Florida.  The Seminoles haven’t been blown out yet this season and Florida hasn’t blown out a quality opponent yet.  FSU will play hard and keep the game close but won’t have the talent to win at Florida.     

#9 Pittsburgh (PK) at West Virginia: There’s no spread for this game so picking the winner and spread is all tied into one for me.  I’ll take Pitt to give WVU their first loss at home this year.  Pitt’s playing great and if they can win here and defeat Cincinnati at home next week then Pitt may get a BCS Bowl bid.  There’s a lot looming for the Panthers and this game could be a trap but I think their head coach Dave Wan-stache will keep his team focused on the game at hand.

#17 Miami (-6) at South Florida: It’s USF’s chance to gain bragging rights as the second best team in the state behind Florida.  Miami can only beat good teams when their struggling and USF isn’t struggling.  Still, I think Jacory Harris will show why he was an all state player in high school and keep bragging rights with the Hurricanes by winning and covering the spread.  I’ll be there to watch!

Syracuse (+14) at Connecticut: Nearly every game UConn played this season was close and this one will be no different.  I think UConn gets the win but won’t cover the spread.  This will be a highly emotional game for UConn as they try to become bowl eligible with a win in the midst of grieving their murdered team mate Jasper Howard.  If the Huskies lose they still have a chance at bowl eligibility the following week when South Florida comes to town but that game will be much more of a challenge.  The Huskies want to get this one in honor of their friend.

Can’t Pick These

#3 Texas (-21) at Texas A&M: A&M is all over the place with how they play week to week this season.  They’ve been blown out, blown teams out, and been in close games.  All I know is Texas better come to play because this is like A&M’s championship.  If they can somehow ruin the Longhorns chances at a national title on national television during Thanksgiving night, A&M will proudly hold that moral victory as their trophy.

#2 Alabama (-10) at Auburn: This is the game before THE GAME for Alabama.  There’s nothing Auburn would love more than to spoil their SEC rival’s national championship hopes before Florida gets the chance to in the SEC Championship game the week after.  ‘Bama better not get caught sleepin’.

#18 Clemson (-3) at South Carolina: This would be a great bowl game.  Both these teams play a lot alike and the reason for their difference in records is that one plays in the tough SEC and the other plays in the weak ACC.

New Mexico (+45) at #4 TCU: I wonder if TCU will complete their undefeated season?  Great scheduling Horned Frogs a 1-10 team to end the season with!  I really hope New Mexico somehow pulls the upset that would be great.

Georgia (+8) at #7 Georgia Tech: Oh how Georgia would love to kill Georgia Tech’s hopes at a BCS bowl game while at the same time proving the SEC is a far superior conference than the ACC.