Boise State: Screwed Again?

Brennan RonaldContributor INovember 25, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3: Joey Paul #41 of the Boise State Broncos taunts Oregon Duck players after LaGarrette Blount #9 (not in photo) of the Oregon Ducks punched a Boise State Broncos player after the Boise State defeated Oregon 19-8 on September 3, 2009 at Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Here we are again, narrowing down to the end of the college football season, with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

There is something that is nearly identical happening this year, that happened last. The 6th ranked Broncos and their fans still dying for national respect as Chris Peterson keeps them chugging along with that "One game at a time mentality" and also with the "BCS will handle itself mentality" The Broncos finished will an unscathed 12-0 record last year, and were not put into a BCS bowl which could once again happen this year.


QB Kellen Moore has 33 TD's, 3 INT's passing with 2,791 Yards, and a outstanding 168.79 QB rating. Did he make the Maxwell Award Finalists? No. Was He Suprised? Probably not, Kellen Moore and the Broncos have gotten used to this "over-looking" of their program and and players despite boasting 6 conference titles in the last 7 years, a BCS bowl victory in the programs first 10 years as a Divison 1 football team. The man picked over Kellen Moore? The college football player celebrity. Tim Tebow. Taking nothing away from Tebow he is having a very good season, but they can't pick a "celebrity" over a "no-name" just for that reason, lets the stats be the determining factor. College Football is screwed up in many ways due to money,publicity,etc. Lets now show Tebow's numbers and you can compare them yourselves. He has 14 TD's, 4 INT's passing with 1,945 Yards, and a 155.42 QB rating. Compare the two stats, and you may feel one of the pains Boise State fans and players have with rankings, getting snubbed, or having no respect even after proving themselves multiple times.


The Boise State University Broncos Football Team. They are 11-0 at this point (Like last year) , and have a victory over a ranked Oregon Ducks team (Like last year) , yet they still are not getting respect from the critics or analysts. Is this BS? Yes, Can It be explained why they will be snubbed again? Yes.


The Broncos are the Best-Kept Secret in the West still after victories over Oregon (2x), Oregon State, Oklahoma in recent years. Many people claim them to play an easy schedule which they do. What they do not realize is Boise State just recently joined the WAC Conference and has already won it 6 times. They are trying to get out now and join a more competitive conference (Pac-10, Mountain West) but that is not happening any time soon. Also, it is very difficult for Boise to schedule top opponents, due to the fact that many big name colleges schedule cupackes for non-conference games because they "want to keep their BCS bowl shots alive" playing Boise State would do them no benefit, because there is a high percentage of losing and they know that, and on top of a tough conference schedule why play Boise State? When they could ruin your perfect season. Boise State sent out invites asking every top college in the nation, to play the Broncos in their home stadium in 2011, and the teams do not have to come back to Boise the following year to play. How many responses? NONE. Boise State is basically stuck in a rat-trap and will not be able to get out until they switch conferences, (which takes awhile), or the other big schools man up and play the Broncos (ex. Oregon, Georgia, Virginia Tech (2010), Oregon State) Until then, Boise will just have to play the schedule they have, and keep winning no matter how ugly it is. 2007 Paul Bear Bryant Award Winner Coach Chris Peterson is 46-4 since he joined, and has lost 2 close bowl games, but has the program heading in the right direction, not that it has ever declined (one of the few in the nation not to do so).


 Anyways, while Lou Holtz and Mark May whine and complain why Boise isn't fast enough, strong enough, man enough to take on a tough schedule all year round they may be right, but at this point in the programs start of legacy, I will guarantee you if you give them one shot at any team in the nation, Boise State will come out with more heart, as displayed in the Oklahoma game. Skill didn't win that game for the Broncos, heart did. The Broncos were outmatched in size and skill, but found a way to win, as real champions do. This supporting my thoughts, that although Boise State may get snubbed from a BCS bowl, they sure in the hell deserve one of those spots, because their is not one team in the nation right now as exciting as Boise State, or passion-oriented as Boise State. Chris Peterson may not be well heard of still, but he will be by the next 5 years. God Bless, Fans of Boise State I hear your quiet and pissed-off cries from (unknown to nation) Boise, Idaho, and believe me I am one of the few that hears and understand this feelings you fans have. God Bless, May the BCS pick the right teams, and GO Broncos!