A Guide To Buying a Authentic Jersey.

Adrian EspinozaContributor INovember 24, 2009

31 Aug 1997:  Offensive lineman Steve Wisniewski of the Oakland Raiders looks on during a game against the Tennessee Oilers at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee.  The Oilers won the game in overtime, 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel  /Allsport
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

For Raider fans  that dont know the player pictured shame on you. Its Steve Wisniewski who wore the number 76 throughout his playing days. A couple of days ago I finally recieved my authentic jersey of one of my favorite Raider players the Wiz. I learned the hard way on how to purchase jersey's especially when your shelling out over $200 bucks for the real thing.

This article isn't for the rich who can wipe their butt's with $100 bills. It's for the working fan who want's to be able to wear thier jersey with pride. The worst is going into the stadium or arena and wearing your teams colors only to have one of the opposing players name on your back. I dont even wear my # 31 Buchanon jersey to the coliseum unless i know it's going to be a cold day and im not going to show the name on the back just the front. Some might say why in the hell did you buy a Phillip Buchanon jersey in the first place. Well for one he was a rookie playing like a future pro bowler and I got caught up in the moment.

In a span of a couple of months i purchased 2 authentic jerseys. My #31 Buchanon jersey and a #34 Oneal Laker jersey. Within no time Shaq got traded and Buchanon started to play horrible. And i was left with two jerseys that i could care less about. They went from wearing them on game day and getting fry cleaned to getting worn to bed and during workouts and being thrown in the washer.

With the mistakes I made and money I lost I came up with a way to buy jerseys that im sure others follow. I follow a couple of rules that are easy to follow. I never purchase a rookie jersey. You dont know what you will get with a rookie. I feel for all the people that wasted money on thier Jamarcus Russell jerseys. Just a whole lot of wasted money walking around. I saw a guy at the game yelling to the field that Russell sucks and guess what jersey he had on? I only purchase jerseys of players that have been with the organization for a period of years. The only 100% way to purchase a jersey and know that you will be happy for years on end is to buy retired player jerseys you cant go wrong. My next jersey that I will be ordering is Howie Long cant go wrong.