College Football's Unlucky Week 13?: Anything Goes in a Rivarly

David HedlindAnalyst IINovember 24, 2009

It’s week 13. Will 13 prove to be unlucky for some teams?

It’s Thanksgiving week. What will these teams have to be thankful for?

It’s rivalry week. Everything goes out the window when you are playing a rival.

Tuesday Nov. 24

Ball State at Western Michigan: It is already the second half. By the time this is published the game will likely be over. WMU is just trying not to have a losing season. Ball State just wants a W.

Thursday Nov. 26

Texas at Texas A&M: Texas is still undefeated and is trying to make the BCS National Championship game. A win here is the first step followed by the Big XII title game.

Friday Nov. 27

Temple at Ohio: The winner of this game goes to the MAC title game to represent the East. Temple has been the hot team and is undefeated in MAC play. Ohio only has one conference loss.

Illinois at Cincinnati: The Bearcats are undefeated and could lose here but still make a BCS bowl since it is out of conference. Winning against a Big Ten conference team will help the reputation and staying undefeated will keep the hopes of more than just any BCS bowl alive.

Alabama at Auburn: Alabama is undefeated and already playing in the SEC championship game, the winner of which people expect will play for the National Championship. Auburn would love to kill its rival's dreams by pulling the upset in the Iron Bowl.

Nebraska at Colorado: Nebraska is set to play for the Big XII title in another week and will use this as a momentum builder.

Pitt at West Virginia: Pitt still has a chance at the Big East title but first must battle through the Back Yard Brawl. Pitt will meet Cincinnati next week for no less than a share of the Big East.

Nevada at Boise State: Boise State still has a game after this one but this is basically for the WAC title. Both teams are undefeated in league play. Boise is still hoping to make the BCS.

Saturday Nov. 28

Wake Forest at Duke: Only real thing to say here is that if Duke wins it will be bowl eligible.

Clemson at South Carolina: Clemson is already headed for the ACC title game. South Carolina would love to take some of the wind out of Clemson’s sails.

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma: Oklahoma State could still make a BCS bowl but the Cowboys would definitely need a win here. Oklahoma simply wants to have a better season than just 6-6.

Southern Miss at East Carolina: The winner will play in the Conference USA championship game. The representative from the West is yet to be determined.

Arizona at Arizona State: Arizona is playing for bowl position and to show it can rebound from back to back losses with the last one being a draining emotional overtime loss.

Florida State at Florida: This rivalry has been pretty one sided in recent years with Florida winning and winning and winning. Florida still has National Championship hopes which, like in any rivalry, FSU would love to dash.

Miami at South Florida: USF already beat Florida State this season and would love to notch a win over Miami. The state’s big three is inching toward a big four.

Middle Tennessee at ULM: Did you know that if a conference is unable to fill all of its bowls then those bowls must take a 7-5 team before a 6-6 team no matter what? What does that mean? It means that if ULM wins it will be 7-5 and a bowl must take the Warhawks at large before teams like Arizona, UCLA, Tennessee, or South Carolina.

Utah at BYU: The Holy War doesn’t have the same luster as it has in the last few years when the conference and more were on the line. It will still be a big game for both teams, though, as it is for second place in the conference. The only game with two ranked teams this week.

Washington State at Washington: Another Sour Apple Cup game. Washington isn’t as bad as it was last season but the Huskies are still low in the Pac 10. Washington State is just as bad, maybe worse, as last season.

Troy at ULL: Same story as the ULM game. ULL is eligible and could steal a spot from a more prestigious name team if they can get another win.

Georgia at Georgia Tech: I don’t know what to say here since Georgia is having its worst year in, well, let's just say a long time. Georgia Tech on the other hand is rolling right along with a great year.

Notre Dame at Stanford: Notre Dame is not having the year the Irish expected and even with a win change is likely going to happen. Stanford is exceeding the expectations of most and change may happen due to the success.

UCLA at USC: I don’t even really know what they call this rivalry. The battle for LA? Simply for bragging rights and bowl position with no impact on the conference title.