Jimmy Clausen, Charlie Weis, and Other Notre Dame Rumors and Rumblings

Dan Scofield@BleedingGoldAnalyst INovember 24, 2009

With each passing hour, new rumors are born all over the online Notre Dame football fan community.

Even the leprechaun has been rumored to have been shown the door after failing to motivate the student section, resulting directly in five losses for the Irish.

All of these rumblings are hard to believe and must be taken with a grain of salt. However, that doesn't mean that any of these are false.

—According to a few sources, the Clausen family has sold its South Bend property. If true, Clausen is NFL-bound.

—The phrase "Out with the old, in with the new," is the status featured on the top of Ian Williams' Facebook page. Remember, Williams was the player benched by Weis after comments directed toward the coaching staff. Doghouse, anyone?

—Clausen was involved in an altercation with an Irish alum outside of CJ's pub after Saturday's loss. Clausen apparently gave the man a shove after he had said something to a female acquaintance of the quarterback.

—A rumored "contract" for the next coach at Notre Dame:

1) A 10-year $50,000,000 base salary, which doesn't include endorsement and university incentives.

2) Three "special" projects a year, which may include JUCO transfers.

3) A contract with Nike (football only).

4) Additional incentives:

(a) $550,000 for Top 10 Finish
(b) $750,000 for BCS Bowl appearance
(c) $1.2 million for BCS National Championship
(d) $400,000 for 90 percent or better graduation rate

The nation has already decided for Jack Swarbrick that Weis will be fired in the coming week. However, the nation is still deciding who it would like the next coach to be.

Most Irish observers lately want Swarbrick to call either Urban Meyer, Brian Kelly, or Bob Stoops before he makes his way down the list towards "tier two" targets such as Pat Fitzgerald or Gary Patterson.

A few others want calls to be made to Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden. Even the name Bill Belichick has been thrown around a few times.

Numbers have been thrown around and contracts have already been made according to a few sites. Others have stated that Clausen and Tate have already decided on their futures and will enter the 2010 draft following this season.

Instead of adding to the rumors for the next week, I propose a challenge to the Notre Dame Internet following.

Weis is going to be fired. Following the firing, we will get a new coach (and probably a big name).

Clausen and Tate will announce their decisions following the season. Until either of them have spoken, it isn't fair to speculate or decide for them on that future announcement.

So the challenge is: Try to focus on the last game of the season (somehow) and let the rest of this mess play itself out. We all know everyone wants to be in Swarbrick's shoes right now.

Instead, stay in your own, cheer on your team and the seniors who may never see a football field again, and, somehow, enjoy it. 

In a month or two, you will have wished you had when the snow blankets the field in the House that Rockne Built and the only cheers that can be heard will be from the Purcell Pavillion.