TNA: This Year's Cinderella Story

Cameron HagerCorrespondent INovember 24, 2009

Honestly, within the past 4 months the WWE has been having questionable creative moves.  Not just Sheamus going into the main event at TLC but John Cena and Randy Orton fighting for 1 hour. Bragging Rights being questionable. CM Punk being the top heel but somehow is preaching the right thing while being attacked verbally in horrible ways. Michael Cole getting questioned by Matt Stryker (Thank you God).


Let me just take one moment and thank God for Matt Stryker. The guy has to be one of the best announcers. Matt Stryker is at least in the top 5 best announcers. He proved me right my questioning Michael Cole on a "controlled frenzy". The guy deserves something. Maybe a slammy thats about as high an announcer can get in the WWE. Or the hall of fame but I digress.


The fact is the WWE has almost scared withing the past few months. They have either have had horrible matches or great matches. Odd feuds or great feuds. Sometimes I just don't whether I do want to watch the program that night or can't wait.

But TNA has come with a saving grace for us all. No not Hulk Hogan even though he might help the company in a big way. But good ideas! Turning Point was literally a turning point for TNA. The Styles v Samoa Joe v Daniels match was one of the best I have ever seen. Angles vs Wolfe (McGuiness) was amazing. The fact is TNA is pushing their originals and young guys in a great way. I am so interested in every match and I can't wait for iMPACT! Also, having Velvet Sky on the program is a bonus. That girl's butt all together is a highlight for impact.

TNA has impressed me with all they have done. Not only have they impressed me but surprised me. I never thought I would see TNA book great matches like these but they did and their is more to come. I can't wait!

This year's success story is TNA. This was a big turning point for the company and I hope they can continue the great booking. As for WWE well they better have something good in mind.

Bravo TNA bravo.