Why I'm Thankful for Sports

Nick MordowanecCorrespondent INovember 24, 2009

As the holiday approaches, it is time for us sports fans to give thanks.

It is a great time to be a sports fan, maybe the best of the entire year. We have the luxury of watching football on Saturdays and Sundays, along with basketball and hockey the rest of the week.

But along with all of the great things we have seen in sports over the past year, we have seen our share of blunders, bad calls, and mishaps-all for our entertainment.

Without further ado, let’s give our utmost appreciation to the figures in sports that
have made fans around the country cringe in pure enjoyment.

Thank you to Terrell Owens for becoming an obscure receiver in chilly Buffalo. You used to ridicule your quarterbacks Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb,Tony Romo and now you have almost put Trent Edwards into the psychiatric ward for NFL quarterbacks.

Although, now that T.O. is in a media desert in Buffalo, nobody has to hear him complain about not getting enough balls thrown to him or see him doing push-ups in Drew Rosenhaus’ driveway; the popcorn has truly lost its luster.

A wonderful thanks to Jimmy Rollins for putting your Philadelphia Phillies in a hole well

before the World Series even began. You predicted a Phillies sweep over the New York
Yankees on the Jay Leno show, even being downright classy and saying the Yanks might get one (win).

How did that turn out for you, Jimbo? Not only did you lose the Fall Classic without much of a fight, you didn’t do much yourself. This just goes to show that sports guarantees are about as old as the sports themselves.

LeBron James, you have been the turkey of the year. Not only did your Cleveland Cavaliers choke again in the playoffs, you keep bringing up your contract situation and getting upset when others mention you possibly leaving for New York or any other destination. You have Shaq in the post now, but this is not the Shaq of old. Also, great job on trying to get Michael Jordan’s number retired.

Why don’t we retire Magic and Bird’s numbers while we are at it as well? Maybe Russell and Wilt, too? LeBron, winning an MVP was a big deal, but please, just shut up and play basketball, maybe win a title or two and make us real witnesses.

A big thank you to Bill Belichick for making the gutsiest play call of the NFL season. I
guarantee any other coach would have punted on fourth and two from his team’s 28-yard line, but the man in the hoodie is of a different breed. The call didn’t pay off, kept the Colts undefeated, and made Belichick the topic of sports discussion all around the nation.

We all know that if the Patriots converted that play then he would be deemed a genius. You win some and you lose some and Belichick lost that one. You still have to appreciate going for the kill in the season’s biggest game against their biggest rival.

JaMarcus Russell, you are the pumpkin in the NFL pie. Not only were you selected first overall by the Oakland Raiders in the 2007 NFL Draft, you have not lived up to half the hype. Now, after being inconsistent for so long and not showing the skills the first pick of the draft needs to have, you have been pushed aside by the organization and placed on the bench all in favor of Bruce Gradkowski!

Yes, the bald wonder is now the starter for the once-proud Raiders, although he did lead his team to a victory over the AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals. JaMarcus, you don't have too much to be thankful for this holiday season, that is, unless, you enjoy sitting at the end of the team bench.

Athletes are pre-madonnas, but isn't that why we love them?

They can whine, complain, moan, and destroy locker rooms, yet catching a winning touchdown or getting a timely base hit is all us fans really want out of them.

Now that is something we can be thankful for this holiday season.