World Heavyweight Championship: The Next Contender

Zohair KhanContributor INovember 24, 2009

After the 3-hour Thanksgiving special RAW yesterday night, one thing's for sure....and its the WWE title match at the final Pay-per-view of the year - TLC, and it's John Cena vs Sheamus. Ofcouse its a never-seen-before match, and it would be interesting to see a new talent face John Cena for the title.

Some people consider it to be too early for The Celtic Warrior, and others - including me - think its good, coz we've had enough of Triple H, Randy Orton, etc. going at it again and again!!

With that cleared, let's look at the possibilities for The Undertaker's World Heavyweight championship title.

1. JeriShow - News around that Bigshow is about to have a surgery for his injured knee, which is of course a minor one, but would still make it till TLC. But with the announcement of a TLC match against the DX at TLC, neither of the two get to be No. 1 contenders. That actually is good for the Tag team titles.

2. Edge - The return of Edge prior to TLC would be simply amazing, and it would be nice to see the guy in action again, and that too against The Undertaker!! But looking at the condition of the injury he's had for the pats couple of months...I don't think he's gonna make it this soon. But a return for a match at a pay-per-view like TLC - The pay-per-view of his kind - the kind he's made history with would be extraordinary.

3. CM Punk - A really strong competitor a the moment, and who might actually make it, CM Punk. But it doesn't seem to me that he's finished with R-Truth right now, because most rivalry's don't end without a one-on-one fight, and if I'm right, then that's the match we should expect at TLC. Later....Punk!!

4. Kane - We did witness the Undertaker mention few of the things that actually 'Bring joy to his dark heart'...One, fighting alongside his brother, Kane...Two, fighting against his brother, Kane. He already got his first wish the last time on Smackdown!. Maybe hes gonna get the other wish on TLC perhaps. That just might happen..!!

5. Batista - The only contender who is capable to grab the spot, and without Rey mysterio in his way (who is out due to a major Knee surgery), I would say he's got it already..!!

All the above mentioned wrestlers have held the World Heavyweight or the WWE title in their careers before. But let's check out some of those who haven't. Maybe its gonna be the same for The Undertaker's title - fight somebody new!!

1. Drew Mcintyre - This guy was personally signed by Mr. Mcmahon on Smackdown! and was crowned The Future World champion. Looking at the way he's been unloading on Finlay on Smackdown! for the past couple of weeks, it has to be similar to that of Sheamus's. But WWE folks wouldn't do it twice, giving title opportunity to a new and fresh face so early....just not happening!!

2. R-Truth - As said before, he is still part of a feud with CM Punk, and hence does not fill the space just yet!!

3. Dolph Ziggler - Seriously.... shouldn't he be Intercontinental champion by now. Hes already lost 3 times to John Morrison for the title, he doesn't seem to be in shape for world championship yet.

4. John Morrison - Another guy who's been performing real solid on Smackdown!. The Friday night delight can put on a great match, he's got the skills alright. But he might have to lose the Intercontinental Title to someone (Dolph perhaps) before he goes for Main-event matches!!

5. Finlay - No way!!...after the way he's been beaten up by two newcomers (Sheamus and Drew Mcintyre on Raw and Smackdown! respectively)!!

6. Matt Hardy - Matt is way overdue for a world title shot opportunity. He's been with the WWE for more than 10 years. He is a senior for most players in the locker room. He should have been given the World Title shot right after he lost the ECW championship, or after the end of his feud with MVP on Smackdown! He totally deserves it!!

That's the end of the list. Well have to wait and see this Friday night on Smackdown for things to clear up. Please do post your comments on what you think about the above mentioned and your thoughts as well.