Let's Not Focus Only On Sheamus Challenging Cena, But On WWE RAW Itself

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIINovember 24, 2009

With everyone talking about Sheamus going head to head with John Cena for the WWE Title, I wanted to focus on RAW itself. See, I have no issue with Sheamus in the World Title hunt, at least for one PPV.

I mean think about it, who else could they put in there that we haven't seen before? Orton? Triple H? Shawn Michaels?

Then you have people such as The Miz and Jack Swagger who seem to be in a small feud together, so they are out. Of course Kofi Kingston has one going with Randy Orton, so both of them are out.

Obviously, Sheamus was a smart choice both for the sake of the fans and the sake of the show.

I was talking about this great Irishman down in FCW called Sheamus for some time now and when he finally made his debut, I was excited.

I mean this guy was the FCW World Champion, and he was kicking butt and taking names down there. He was far better than anyone there and deserved to be on a main roster.

He was put on ECW and did well, then went to RAW and since he has been there, he has gone roughshod on all he has faced. The issue is that it has been against smaller people and no-name wrestlers.

Then he took out The King, which was not a match, but a cheap shot outside the ring.

I thought RAW was great. When Jesse "The Body" or now "The Governor" Ventura was announced, I was not really expecting a wonderful show.

But if you ask me, we saw a great one. Ventura is easily near or at the top of list for my favorite guest hosts. I personally like a guy who speaks his mind and doesn't care what people think.

He did that and it was great. There were two things that stood out to me that I thought were quite stupid, though:

One thing was that Mark Henry was in the Breakthrough Battle Royal match. Now don't get me wrong, I like Henry. However, the rules that Ventura made said that no former World Champions could be in the battle royal.

Now, he broke the rule for Randy Orton. However, people forget that Henry was a former ECW Champion. The WWE has been saying its a World Title, but then they do things like this, contradicting themselves.

This is an excerpt from Matt Hardy's WWE Profile page on WWE.com:

"Apart from his sibling, Matt has achieved success in solo ranks as well, including United States, Hardcore, European and Cruiserweight Championship reigns. The greatest achievement, however, came in 2008 when Matt triumphed in a Championship Scramble Match to capture the ECW Title; his first taste of World Championship gold."

Now, the WWE says right here that the ECW Title is a "World Championship", yet they totally contradict that by putting Mark Henry, a former ECW Champion, into the battle royal.

By the way, Hardy actually won the title from Henry, as Henry was the ECW Champ going into the Championship Scramble match.

The match last night was said to only be for people who have never held a World Title.

Maybe instead of putting him in, you could put another SmackDown Superstar in the match-up, as R-Truth was the only one. And by the way, he was the first eliminated.

Now, Henry didn't win, but it did prove one thing; the ECW Championship is not a World Title and the WWE needs to just come out and say it. The signs have been there for so long anyway.

I mean look at the title for starters, it's platinum or silver if you will. They changed it to give us a new belt, which I have no problem with, but the old ECW Title had gold all over it, where as the new belt is only silver.

Therefore, having the ECW Title is just as big for someone as the Intercontental or US Title, as it is mainly a secondary title.

It's silver, showing us that the title is not a World Title, the gold if you will. As we all know by watching the Olympics, the silver is second place, never first.

Leaving from that little spill, we now go to the last segment of the night. Now, this segment was the contract signing for the WWE Title at the TLC PPV. Cena and Sheamus are in the ring and we all know that something will happen.

I expected the heel Sheamus to put Cena through the table. That was a bit obvious to me, but the thing I didn't expect was what Ventura had to say about Cena.

He said that it was a conspiracy theory in the WWE to keep the WWE Title belt around Cena's waist. He went on to say that Cena was the perfect yes-man, while he was never like that and because of it, he never got World Title matches.

To me, this is stupid for the WWE to do. Cena already gets flack from the fans for things like this.

People do not like that he is in the World Title matches a lot and the WWE is entertainment, so its not like its a real sport where a conspiracy could happen to keep one champion.

If you check all of Cena's World Title matches for the title or to retain, he wins them clean if he is set to win.

So, for the writers to have Ventura try to sell his new show even more so by having him say it was a conspiracy between Cena and the WWE to keep the title on him because he was their yes-man, is stupid.

It made me very irate because the WWE uses Cena as their top guy because of what Ventura was saying true, but because he sells. Some people may have gotten tired of his character, but he still sells a lot of merchandise and is cheered everywhere he goes.

There is a mix of boos sometimes, this is true. But, he still does quite well. He sells moves as good as any other in the WWE other than Shawn Michaels, but seriously, not a lot of people can do what HBK does. Just look at the match he had with Hulk Hogan to see how much he sells.

A lot of the criticism is not fair toward Cena and people forget that he is only doing what he is told to do and because of that, he is rewarded for it. People like Ventura never got a World Title shot in the WWE because he didn't belong in them.

The dude was not nearly as good as the people in the matches. So, the WWE could care less what he was saying, in fact he was put on the mic because he was entertaining.

The reason he was never a World Champion in the WWE was because he simply was not as good as people such as Hogan, Sheik, Hart, Andre, and others.

I know the WWE is scripted entertainment, but you are killing Cena's character when you cross certain lines like that. He is already suffering with the fans from the lack of character depth you have given him, why hurt him worse?

Some are going to agree that he gets in the World Title hunt a lot, but so does just about all of the people in them.

How many times did we see Orton in the World Title hunt? Just about all year, pretty much since he came back from injury in 2008, he has been in the hunt or was the WWE Champion.

Then you have Triple H who was in them a lot, as he always is. Undertaker is in them a lot, CM Punk has been, Chris Jericho has been, and countless others.

This is why I like that Sheamus is going against Cena at TLC, because it gives us some new meat in the title hunt.

For idiots to come out and say Orton or anyone else who has been in the hunt or have been champion all year should be in the title match should really punch themselves in the face, which will hopefully snap you out of whatever stupid trance you are in.

Finally we are seeing some new feuds, be thankful about that. This could be the only time it happens all this year or next year.

Of course. people who know the WWE should know now that these are probably going to be the feuds that last all of 2010. So while they may be new and fresh right now, they may be old and stale by June when the same are still going on.

While RAW was good, there are things that made sense, then other things that were so stupid, I thought 3-year-olds were writing the show. Which some would say has been the case all along.

Seriously, this makes me want to see B/R Writers run one show and show the WWE how it's done. I'm just saying.


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