Did Jesse Ventura Kick Raw Up a Notch?

Rob GushueContributor INovember 24, 2009

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So the last few weeks watching Raw, with the guest hosts, I feel it's been hit or miss. There's been a few times where the comedy was funny, but sometimes I have woke up, and said "Oh Raw's over." and went back to sleep, getting up the next day to check the WWE home page for results, and really could have watched a repeat from 4 weeks ago, and not missed too much.

I wasn't sure what my expectations were for Jesse 'The Governor' Ventura's arrival, as I kind of had a feeling there'd be an Orton/Ventura meeting (as there always seems to be with every guest host). Sure enough, Orton's the first one out, even before Jesse.

Now don't get me wrong, I like Orton's character, I like the direction the character has taken, but we all know he tries to get the guest hosts to give him that title shot over and over, and it's starting to get old now.

I liked the idea of Jesse doing the elimination matches leading to a battle royal for anyone who has never had a title shot before, and leaving former champions out of the mix. Jesse and Orton had a good back and forth happening on the stick, and that was good to see, as some of the guest hosts seem to have limited skills on the mic.

Matches of the night leading into the battle royal were:

Kofi vs Ziggler

I enjoyed this match, and the outcome was expected when Kofi got the win.

Sheamus vs Finlay

Another big push for the Celtic Warrior. We all knew he was going to walk through Finlay, but I never expected it to be that quick...

Legacy vs Cryme Tyme

This outcome could have went either way I thought, as Legacy seems to be on the losing end every now and then, but in the end Legacy got the "W" to advance.

Henry, MVP, R-Truth vs Swagger, Masters, Chavo Guerrero

I thought this was a weird one, I kind of figured we'd see Chavo lying on his back again like he's done for the past few weeks, but When R-Truth pinned Masters, I thought, "There's a feud I'd like to see".

Primo vs Evan Bourne

I would have liked to see Evan get the push, but with Orton attacking Primo backstage, and then Jesse giving Orton the thumbs up to compete in Primo's place. Needless to say Orton got the win.

I was laughing during the Ventura/Vince meeting when Jesse went on about Vince's dad giving him the announcing spot because that's the only thing he was good at, and then gave him the suit and the red bowtie and said, "We're going to the announcing table buddy."

The battle royal was a terrific match, we didn't see the usual multiple finishers one after the other. With Kofi eliminating Orton, we now know that feud will continue, and that's a good thing, as the feud is great at this point and time already.

With Sheamus eliminating Kofi, winning the battle royal, and now will face Cena in a table's match at TLC, it breathes a breath of fresh air into the matches. Yes I know some people will say "HHH and Sheamus are buddy-buddy, they travel together, they work out together, so he doesn't deserve it."

I am looking forward to this match at TLC, as it's time to start pushing the younger, future stars, because in the next few years we may see some big names retiring due to injuries sustained over time.

I think Jesse has been the best guest host so far, the matches were exciting to watch, as they were not the same thing you see every week, and I hope this is the route that they will be taking from here on in.

I'd love to hear your comments on what you thought.