Frankie Edgar Is Close to the Edge, All His Hard Work Is on the Line

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst INovember 24, 2009

You know that eerie feeling you get when you're standing mere inches from a fence-less, steep and rocky cliff?

Anyone who can maintain proper balance is safe, but there is always that lingering feeling of tumbling over the edge. Whether it's a strong gust of wind or an unprovoked shove from behind, that feeling scratches the back of your skull like it's carving graffiti in the form of bad omens.

Frankie Edgar has found himself walking along a cliff side in his quest to dethrone the champion.

It is a dangerous path indeed, but it's the only one that he can take if he wishes to succeed in his goals.

With other contenders dismantled at the hands of B.J. Penn, and others weeding themselves out amongst each other, Edgar has emerged as one of the top contenders, patiently waiting for another path to show itself.

Before that will happen, Edgar must come face to face with Matt Veach, a H.I.T. Squad prospect that has never tasted defeat, and better yet, Veach also wields a very solid wrestling attack.

Like his opponent, Edgar's wrestling is menacing, controlling the position of the fight as he pleases. Once on the ground, Edgar has shown an intense drive that rarely slows down.

Under the tutelage of third-degree black belt Ricardo Almeida, Edgar's jiu-jitsu attack will only get stronger as the days go by.

But all of this is set up by the effective combinations used in his striking. Edgar has displayed some of the best boxing inside the lightweight division. Although he isn't known as a power puncher, the crisp, clean shots from Frankie will keep any fighter on his toes long enough to set up the take down.

After completely dismantling Hermes Franca and Sean Sherk, it would appear that the same fate is in store for Matt Veach. Even though a win doesn't do much for Edgar's reputation, it is needed to keep him on his desired path.

However, a loss against Veach will do some serious damage in his crusade to the top. When fighters are launched to the top due to the diminishing number of contenders, the people are always looking for reasons to say their ranks were premature.

Edgar's feet have been stuck in the mud of this dilemma for some time now. Anything less than an impressive victory will severely hurt his stock.

Frankie Edgar does have the balance to stay footed on the steep, upper slopes of the mountain, but if he isn't careful enough, Matt Veach is the strong gust of wind that can send Frankie plunging down the cliff side.