MMA: What is with the recent string of missing weight?

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IJune 14, 2008

Lately, it seems there has been a rash of fighters who have missed weight.  At Elite XC on May 31, it was Gina Carano.  At UFC 85, it was Thiago Alves. Now, for the Elite XC event in Hawaii it is Nick Diaz.

With Carano, she stated that the recent missed weight cut was due to the fact that she tried to cut too much weight too quickly. 

Her weight on American Gladiators was reportedly around 160 pounds.  Her bout with Kaitlin Young was to be contested at 140 pounds.  Carano notified Elite XC officials ahead of time that she would miss the cut (she weighed in at 144.5 pounds) and had to forfeit 12.5 percent of her purse.

It is rumored that when Carano fights again in October, the bout will be held at 145 pounds because Carano is just unable to make 140 pounds. That fight may be for the Elite XC women's title.

Alves claimed in a recent interview that his missed weight cut was due to the combination of spraining his ankle (not being able to run) and taking a cortisone injection to reduce the swelling, which led to him retaining water.

This is not the first time Alves has had issues related to weight.  In a previous fight, he tested positive for a diuretic that he took to help cut water weight.

He notified the UFC ahead of time that he would miss weight and had to forfeit 10 percent of his purse.  After his recent fight, when he weighed in at 174 pounds (the weight limit was 171), he called out GSP and said, "Mr. Dana White, I've been a good boy, I never choose my opponents. ... Please give me a title shot." 

The question here is whether or not after missing weight he needs to prove that he can make weight before getting a title shot.

And now the most recent fighter to miss weight is Nick Diaz, who was supposed to fight at 160 pounds but weighed in at 169 pounds.  The bout will now be held at a catch weight of 168 pounds.

Diaz's last fight was held at 170 pounds on May 11 at DREAM 3.  Diaz notified Elite XC and his opponent, Muhsin Corbbrey, ahead of time that he would miss the cut and will have to forfeit a portion of his purse.  Corbbrey also missed the cut, as he weighed in at 163.5 but this was after he knew Diaz would miss the cut.

So three fighters have recently missed their weight cuts and all have their reasons.  One is believed to be next in line for the title and one has begged for a title shot. 

To send a message to the other fighters out there, the respective organizations need to force them to make weight before they are granted a title shot.

This is especially true with Alves. If he can't make weight, he should be cut from the UFC.  I believe these measures would help ensure fighters make weight for their fights.