Rumor: Nick Saban Contacted For The Notre Dame Job

Todd CarltonContributor INovember 23, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS - DECEMBER 31:  Nick Saban head coach of the Miami Dolphins looks on during a game against the Indianapolis Colts at the RCA Dome December 31, 2006 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis won the game 27-22.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In a somewhat shocking turn of events Coach Nick Saban of the University of Alabama has been contacted by officials from Notre Dame according to an anonymous official. 

According to the source Notre Dame is emphatically interested acquiring Coach Saban and will be traveling to Tuscaloosa this week with a blank check. 

"Notre Dame has found a coach that has a proven track record of turning once proud programs back into the powerhouses that they were accustomed too" 

After talking with my source I really wasn't all that surprised to hear that Saban's name was being tossed into the mix at the most notable football program in the history of college football.  I mean, they were right.  Nick Saban might just be the best coach in the country.  But what did shock me was the conversation that followed...

My source spoke with President Jenkins and AD Jack Swarbrick who both commented that they felt Nick Saban was the right hire and would NOT turn them down.  When asked for some clarification President Jenkins smiled and said, "We have an ace up our sleeve".

Well now my curiosity was really peaked...what was this "ace"? 

President Jenkins took me by the shoulder and as we walked away by ourselves he said "We want him to be the Leprechaun".

I jumped back a little in total shock, thinking of course that he was joking.  Well, he wasn't.

His plan seems well deceived in that he will ask that Nick Saban wear the Leprechaun suit WHILE he coaches on the sideline.  He said, "We already know about his language problems and he obviously has the stature for such a position...could there possibly be a better Leprechaun Coach?"

At that instant I had to step back in somewhat of an "awe"...he was right.  More right than anyone has been in quite some time up in South Bend.

Could Alabama be coachless for the Iron Bowl this week?  Could Nick Saban be known as Coach Little Nicholas by weeks end?  Who knows....?

But I do know it's Iron Bowl week!