Disgruntled Husker Fan Responds.

Curly MorrisAnalyst INovember 23, 2009

COLUMBIA, MO - OCTOBER 08:  Derrick Washington #2 of the Missouri Tigers carries the ball against Larry Asante #4 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers on October 8, 2009 at Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

To everyone who questioned my 'fandom' because I don't tune in when we are playing losing football.. My point was and still is not 'personal' to the individual fan but rather at the fact that as far as upper tier collegiate programs go, we are supposed to be in 'the hunt' every year.

I know fully well that we cannot win it every year, but this run of mediocrity for the past several years is inexcusable. We don't have any teams in the state to compete against for recruits, yet some of our better H.S. players leave the state to play.

We have consistently been out-coached on several occasions in the past couple of years. We are enduring embarrassing losses at home...some in blowout fashion. What we have seen in Memorial Stadium the past couple years does not resemble the excellence that Cornhusker fans have come to expect. Not only expect, but DESERVE because Big Red never has a problem selling out the stadium or the merchandise.

When your fans are known for being loyal, well behaved and well informed for over a four decade period you are supposed to deliver your best effort every Saturday. Losing at home to Missouri at home 52-17 last season - losing to Iowa State at home this year...etc..etc.. we are not supposed to give Pelini and his staff free passes and pats on the back for a 'nice try'. Win the damn ball game!

Iowa State, Kansas, K State, Oklahoma, Texas, Baylor.... and so forth are not the teams with 300 plus consecutive sellouts, Nebraska is, the team should play like it.

There has been questions on whether or not UNL fans were booing the team or the refs at halftime of the Texas Tech debacle. While shocking at first, I immediately understood that here was a team that had high expectations at the start of the season.

The loss at Va Tech was, so we thought, an indicator that maybe we were back to being able to compete with the elite teams in the country. sadly were mistaken and will have to settle for a fate that use to be reserved for teams that don't have a ravenous fan base and multiple national championships on their pedigree.

When I was being recruited out of high school I had a choice between a couple of other nationally recognized programs as well as Nebraska. The only that I knew about Nebraska before I arrived on campus for my recruiting visit was that the football team absolutely destroyed everyone the played until they played Oklahoma and then you were in for some of the most beautiful football you could ever imagine.

Watching Steve Taylor vs Jamel Holloway, Mickey Joseph vs Charles Thompson , Tommy Frazier, Eric Crouch...etc was watching NE football at it's finest.

Nowadays our coaches want to get "cute' with their offense, trying to make more of a name for themselves and their coaching schemes as they pad their resume for their next shot at the pros or their return to their Alma mater.

Osborne was a Nebraska man through and through. You never worried about whether or not he was prepping himself for a job with the Raiders or Ohio State. His mission was to scour the country for the best players to fit his system of play and shove the ball down the throats of his opponents.

Today's coaching staff...not so much.

Here's an excerpt from Wikepedia's Osborne entry:

"In his quarter-century as head coach, Osborne was a model of consistency. His teams never won fewer than nine games in a season, finished in the top 15 of the final AP poll 24 years out of 25 (having finished 24th in 1990), and were ranked in every single weekly AP poll barring one week in 1977 and two in 1981. Osborne's teams won outright national championships in 1994 and 1995, and a share of another in 1997. Osborne's Huskers also won or shared 12 Big Eight Conference titles and one Big 12 Conference title."

No Osborne couldn't coach forever, but we allowed Pederson to run Solich (another true Husker) out of town after he did what? Solich directed the Huskers to six consecutive bowl games, including his 2001 squad which went to the national championship game in the Rose Bowl following the 2001 season. Nebraska won at least nine games in five of those six seasons, and finished among the top 10 teams in the nation three times. Solich compiled a 58–19 record (.753) at Nebraska. Solich's 58 wins during his first six seasons as Nebraska's head coach exceeded those of his predecessors, Bob Devaney (53 wins) and Osborne (55 wins), both of whom are in the College Football Hall of Fame.

So when faced with the opportunity to bring in another true Husker a few seasons back (Turner Gill) we turned to Pelini who decided to keep Shawn Watson, a Callahan cast off as offensive coordinator and our team has been inept on offense and our team has become average, struggling to even crack the top 25.

Am I am the expert on Nebraska football. no far from it, but I do know what Nebraska football is supposed to look like and this ain't it.