The Most Overrated Team In The NBA

Rob JohnsonContributor INovember 23, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 20:  Rudy Fenandez #5 of the Portland Trail Blazers wipes his face during action against the Golden State Warriors during an NBA game at Oracle Arena on November 20, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

When this 2009-10 season started a few weeks ago, I was on board with the fact that this team was going to be competing to be the best in the West. But, as far as I see, this team has in fact proven to be the team that people outside of the city knew would show up. And that team my friends is the Portland Trail Blazers...

All I could hear about leading up to the season was that Portland has the most depth in the league, one guy faulters, the next guy steps up and takes his place. Roy was suppose to be a league MVP candidate, Aldridge was suppose to play at an All Star level, and Andre Miller was suppose to be the guy to take us to the Conference Finals, and Greg Oden was suppose to be the next Monster....

What I have seen so far, is that these guys cannot play well together. Roy is averaging about 17ppg (compared to last seasons 28) Aldridge plays like he is scared to get hurt, he keeps settling for his 20 foot jumper or his baby hook that cannot find the bottom of the basket, Miller has played up to the standards that I was hoping for when the Blazers picked him up, but Miller and Roy somehow can't work together, and Oden.... Don't get me started on him, anyone can dominate and dunk on a team like the Grizzlies or the Timberwolves, but look at him when the Blazers play a physical or a scrappier team, he (Oden) can't do anything, he gets nevous or unconfident in himself and ends up fouling, commits a turnover or mishandles a pass.

Now, I know that the season is still new, but, think about how when summer was over and the new school season began, if you were late to class the first two or three days, the teacher wouldn't make a big deal about it, maybe you are still trying to find a quick path to your next class and got lost, but by day four, its getting old, you need to be on time, you start to get written up, the school calls your parents about your tardyness, you NEED to be on time. The Blazers should realize that the season is still young, but no more excuses that the season is new and they are still trying to figure things out. To me, that is just an excuse for a team that was suppose to become the 2nd or 3rd best team in the West that is not living up to where they thought they would be. To be a champion, you have to play like one night in and night out, no excuses that you are playing a 5 game road trip and you're tired, champions play through pain and exhaustion.

Don't look for the Blazers to become real contenders for another 2 or 3 seasons. And they're big guys (Aldridge and Oden) need to find the grit and heart to not let their team down. Roy can do his thing, but he can't do it all and he needs his big guys to do their jobs inside the paint.

Anyone else have a team they believe is overrated??