Upset of Georgia Tech Would Work Wonders for Georgia Bulldogs

Brennen SCorrespondent INovember 23, 2009

It's hard to sit here and write this only two days removed from witnessing a gut-wrenching loss to Kentucky at Sanford Stadium. Naturally, Georgia's 6-5 record and third-place finish in the SEC East is not what I envisioned at the beginning of the season. (I actually had the Dawgs going 10-2...what was I thinking?)

Not only was it painful to see the seniors lose their last game in Sanford Stadium, it was painful to finally come to the realization that there is something seriously wrong with our football team.

Now I could go off on a rant about how we need to clean house and burn down the city of Athens. But I am not going to, nor do I want to do either of those things. I have left that job to the more radical parts of the so-called Bulldog "Fanbase" (which I was appalled to hear boo the team on multiple occasions Saturday).

I decided to write an article focusing on the upcoming game against archrival Georgia Tech this Saturday because I believe that is what our team is doing as well. Am I going to say that we are going to beat these guys? Of course not. Do I believe we have a chance? Sure. Do I think a win would help stop the bleeding from a wounded football team? Definitely.

I pray that our team does not have another season like this one in store for a long time. It has been tough to stick with the Dawgs through thick and thin, but deep down, I know that I could never bring myself to abandon the men in red and black—ever.

I realize that the majority of the Bulldog Nation wants a change—including yours truly—but we need to accept that this season isn't over. Our team plays the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets this weekend. This is the game we all had circled to start the year and a 6-5 record should not change our desire to put those bugs back in their place.

A victory over Georgia Tech would work wonders for this team. Not only in terms of a bowl game but for the 2010 campaign, as well. We have got to show that we are still the Georgia Bulldogs. We run this rivalry.

Of course, for our team to even compete with the Yellow Jackets we are going to have to put together the best game we have played in two years. That means no turnovers, no penalties, no mental lapses, and make their lives a living hell.

The Dogs have got to send the seniors out on a high note. What better way than to ruin Georgia Tech's season? We've done it before, Bulldog Nation. No one gave us a chance in 2006, but we prevailed.

And look how that season turned out.

Go Dawgs!