The End Of an Era: Sacramento Monarchs Reign Comes To an End

Dominica BroomCorrespondent INovember 23, 2009

Now I know not everyone likes the WNBA, but I do. So I wrote a blog post.

Wow, so what a great way to start the afternoon: find out the Sacramento Monarchs are being folded by their owner, the Maloof family. To me, it's so sudden, so quick, but definitely not painless. I am not the biggest Monarch supporter (uh Mercury anyone?) but they had my Sooner alumni Courtney Paris. I also like Powell. 

Anyway, I found the topic over on Rebkell boards where I came across bad and good: one article stating the team has indeed folded and another stating the league is trying to relocate the team to another Californian area. Let's keep our fingers crossed they find some new owners who are die hard fans with deep pockets.

I wanna say 'hey come to Dallas,' but I don't think that will happen. If only Mark Cuban would invest; you know he as deep pockets, a nice arena, and a passion for the game. That could also be a scary thing.

Gosh as if the Shock leaving their city wasn't enough, (glad they found another place) now we got to deal with the Monarchs needing a new home.

I like the League but all this relocating-team folding-owners-money-blah blah is giving me a headache forcing me to think one day I'll wake up and the WNBA will be nothing but a failed experiment in a distant memory. *shudder*


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