A Broken Rey Mysterio Finally Taking Time Off for Much-Needed Surgery

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 23, 2009

Last night at WWE Survivor Series, we saw a pretty good match between Batista and Rey Mysterio. Now, leading up to the PPV, these two put on a solid storyline with one another.

Mysterio came out looking like he had the edge over Batista in the few weeks leading up to the PPV, but in the end Batista walked away the winner.

A piece of news came out about a week or two ago saying Mysterio has been wrestling hurt, and many think that he could cause serious damage to the injured area if he kept on wrestling.

It is said that Mysterio has a PCL and ACL injury, which can seriously cause problems if it is not taken care of. Mysterio has had knee surgeries before, and two of them made him miss significant time, over a year even.

He has been back on WWE TV since he was drafted to RAW in 2008, in the past draft he was sent back to SmackDown however. It's a good thing that he has been alright, but it is said that he has had these leg issues for a few months now.

Nothing has been said regarding how each injury happened, but it is believed he could miss at least six months to a year after his surgery to repair his PCL and ACL.

Many are thinking he could be contemplating retirement, or only wrestling for another year or so upon his return.

With as many injuries and knee problems he has had, and the way he wrestles, that statement doesn't seem too far fetched.

He could easily stay in the WWE if he wished, as the WWE would never want him to leave because of how much he impacts the Hispanic viewership for them and the fact that his merchandise sells pretty well.

We shouldn't be surprised that he is leaving for surgery. The WWE gave every indication that he would be.

The fact that they did an angle where Batista made Rey sign a contract saying he cannot sue him for the damage he does to him in their match should be a huge sign.

Then he of course hit three Batista bombs, and if I remember correctly Mysterio was taken out on a stretcher.

I don't know how they are going to sell a leg injury with all of that seeing as the Batista Bomb really has no effect on the leg area; neither does the spinebuster which was done on a chair.

If it was a neck or back injury, or even a collar bone injury, I could see that. In any case, the continued assault made the time off believable. So, if you ask me, the beat down could make me or anyone else believe that Rey needs the time off.

But, I just don't get why they didn't put Mysterio's leg in a chair and have Batista stomp on it or something, to at least give us a reason to see him off TV for his leg, not his back or neck.

Because when you think about it, the WWE will tell everyone that Mysterio is going in for surgery. Will they just say that he is going in for a surgery or be specific about it? We will have to wait and see.

In any case, this really hurts the face depth of the SmackDown roster. Many are speculating that a trade of some sort could happen, seeing as the WWE stupidly made Batista a heel when they had no one to replace him as a top face.

Think of this, the main event faces there now are John Morrison, Undertaker(who could be taking time off after the TLC PPV), and you may be able to throw Matt Hardy in there, despite him being a legit mid-carder right now.

The WWE is hoping that they can make R-Truth a main eventer, but it won't be believable for some time.

So, can we saw the stupidity of the creative team has come full circle now? I think so. Some think that Big Show may turn face, but that won't really help SmackDown as he is a part of the RAW roster at this point.

Sure, he along with Chris Jericho are the Unified Tag Team Champions, but seeing him in the main event on SmackDown often is highly unlikely.

You can't turn Batista face now, seeing as he just took out Rey Mysterio. Sure, he got some face pops last night, but keep in mind that the PPV was in Washington, D.C., Batista's hometown.

A trade is highly needed, and if the WWE can make stupid, nonsensical ones when they are not needed, surely they can make them when they are.

Many want Christian or Shelton Benjamin to head to SmackDown, and that seems likely to me. Christian is the current ECW Champion, but he could lose it to William Regal or someone at the TLC PPV and then head to SmackDown, he has had a nice run as champion anyway.

Benjamin was put on ECW to look like a big fish in a small pond, yet he hasn't been that in my opinion.

However, the WWE has not really given him any big time storylines either. So, it may just be bad booking that is hurting the Gold Standard, that and his mic skills.

Other names such as Ted DiBiase have been thrown out there. I doubt that would happen, but he is getting better, so I'd have no issue with it. He has a new DVD to promote anyway, so he kind of does need some more spotlight.

If you ask me, the WWE is really in a need for another main event face on the SmackDown Brand. If they don't get it, it is going to hurt them, plain and simple. So, don't be surprised to see some old faces in some new places

But back to Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio fans, have no fear, he will be back. However, it won't be for some time. My guess would be right before Batista is set to leave the WWE, which is close to June. That is about seven months, so, it could work.