Time For Poor Old Charlie To Hit The Road

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Time For Poor Old Charlie To Hit The Road
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While watching the Notre Dame game on Saturday I couldn't bare to wonder how and why? How did Notre Dame sign up for this? And why didn't they see this coming? 

I myself being Irish Catholic and a Boston College fan and on and off Notre Dame fan, follow Notre Dame somewhat sparingly except for when they play. I do own the 'Play Like a Champion Today' sign and a Notre Dame flag and a few books on the Fighting Irish but I don't get into the nitty-griity side.

Having read many gripes about Charlie Weis on here and on other sports related sites and actually stumbling upon this site the other day: http://chuckweis.com/ I choose to finally touch on this subject. I may not be a 'die-hard' fan like some of you out there but this is such a hot topic.   

Being a Patriots fan I had knowledge of Weis seeing he was the Patriots Offensive Coordinator and helped the Patriots win three Super Bowls. 

Don't get me wrong Weis is probably a really nice and great guy to be around but the question is did he have the resume for being a head coach? That is answer a tough one. 

Obviously Weis has done wonders recruiting at Notre Dame but winning wise not even close. Weis has a record of 35-26 as of now that could and most likely will end up 35-27 with a loss to Stanford Saturday. He has brought Notre Dame to three bowls the Sugar, Fiesta, and Hawai'i Bowl. He's only won one that being the Hawai'i Bowl when they beat Hawai'i. 

Since those two seasons were Weis brought Notre Dame to the BCS Bowls and had records of 9-3 and 10-3, he has gone 3-9, 7-6, and this years current mark of 6-5. He also has a worse win percentage the Ty Willingham and Bob Davie.

He may be a great recruiter but when top-tier recruits playing on Notre Dames football team get out played by Navy and UConn who are either up and coming programs or even Military academy schools it doesn't look good. But there is more to it then recruits, it's the coaching such as going for it on 4 & Goal in the first quarter instead of kicking a field goal and taking the points which could of possibly propelled Notre Dame to a win. And that's just one example. 

Lets touch on Weis's previous coaching jobs. 

1990-1992 Offensive Assistant and Running Backs coach for the New York Giants 

1993-1996 Tight Ends coach, Running Backs coach, and Wide Receivers coach for the New England Patriots

1997-1999 Offensive Coordinator for the New York Jets 

2000-2004 Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots

Weis clearly never has been a head coach before or even had to face the challenges of being a coach at Notre Dame would produce. He may be able to swing recruits with his Super Bowl wins but when you can't win big games it might not work out to well. 

So Jack Swarbick please produce a much better head coach then your predecessor ever produced. Because I know you have that wish list with 30+ coaches on it somewhere. Plus Weis said he wouldn't argue if he got dumped. 

We all know Urban Meyer is on that list along with Brian Kelly and are probably on every Notre Dame fans list so lets look at their resumes. 

We'll start with Meyer

1986-1987 Ohio State Tight Ends and Wide Receivers coach 

1988-1989 Illinois State Outside Linebackers and Quarterback and Wide Receivers coach

1990-1995 Colorado State Wide Receivers coach 

1996-2000 Notre Dame Wide Receivers coach 

2001-2002 Bowling Green Head coach

2003-2004 Utah Head coach

2005-Present Florida Head coach 

He has won two MWC Championships, two SEC Championships, two National Championships, six bowl appearances and one loss. 

Brian Kelly 

1991-2003 Grand Valley State head coach 

2004-2006 Central Michigan head coach 

2006-Present Cincinnati head coach 

He has two D-II National Championships and one Big East championship. Has brought his team to three bowls and only lost one which was the Orange Bowl. 

Both coaches are bound to be candidates and Kelly has already fielded questions regarding Notre Dame. 

When Meyer was a candidate in 2004 he said it was his 'dream job' but he chose Florida which could be a factor in his decision. 

In all honesty I believe both coaches are rather happy and content where they are but money and prestige could easily sway them both but I doubt it. 

Even if coaches names do pop up that doesn't mean Notre Dame is ready to axe Weis or hire someone with a great resume like Meyer. 

So best of like to Mr. Swarbick and your decision which is sure to be a tough one. 



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