Hoosiers Go 0-3, Finish Last in the O'Reilly Puerto Rico Tip Off

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 23, 2009

After going 2-0 in their first two games, the Hoosiers fell back to earth this weekend at the O'Reilly Auto Parts Tip Off, and reminded everyone that this year will not be as easy as everyone would hope.

The Hoosiers played a tough game vs. Ole Miss, and while they were winning during the first half, the superior athleticism and experience of Ole Miss took over, and the Hoosiers lost 89-71.

In that game, Indiana shot just 20 percent from behind the arc, going 3-of-15, and shot only 44.4 percent from the free throw line, going 12-of-27.

The next day, the Hoosiers came right back onto the court to take on the Boston University Terriers.

This game seemed to go back and forth, but by the end of the second half, the Hoosiers were up by six points with three minutes left.

However, the Hoosiers were not able to keep the lead, and lost to the Terriers 71-67.

The Hoosiers lack of a real big man hurt them in this game, as they were out rebounded 52-32.

Indiana had a day off, before taking on George Mason in the final game of the weekend trip to Puerto Rico.

This game the Hoosiers played much better, shooting 75 percent from the line, and 68.5 percent from downtown.

However, they shot poorly from the field, going 20-57, or 35.1 percent.

Finally, it came down to a last second three, which George Mason guard Cam Long drained to win the game for the Patriots.

It sent the Hoosiers packing with a last-place finish, but the weekend wasn't a total disappointment.

Like Tom Crean said, the fans, as well as him, learned a lot about the team.

We know that Creek and Verdell Jones III will need to be the team's go-to guys, due to their good scoring record in this tournament. Creek averaged 16.6 pts per game, and Jones had 14.6 pts per game.

We learned that Jeremiah Rivers is a good point guard, but is inconsistent in the offensive end. He also got into foul trouble in the games this weekend, and needs to be more careful on the defensive end.

We found out that we don't have enough big men to match up with other teams, as Tom Pritchard had a poor weekend, and Elston and Capobianco were mediocre at best.

Watford was also dominated down low, and although he is projected as a small forward, he will need to keep playing power forward due to the Hoosiers lack of size.

Despite the losses and poor play, the Hoosiers will certainly learn from this, and fans can see them becoming better game by game, and just like last year, they will have bad losses.

But hopefully unlike last year, they will have some great wins.