WWE Survivor Series 2009 Prediction Competition Results

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst INovember 23, 2009

Survivor Series has come and gone for another year, and what an event! Both main titles were retained, Kofi Kingston took another step up the ladder, and Shawn Michaels knocked the taste out of Triple H's mouth on many occasions.

Between all this calamity, who was able to prove their prediction skills and claim the top spot? Who had the shame of being in last place? Did anyone else become a member of the 100 percent club?

48 brave creatures put their pride, honor, and ego on the line to risk a chance at glory, but for whom did the price pay off?

Let's find out in the final table for the Survivor Series prediction competition!


Three points: Joint 48th


Tom Dunn

Four points: Joint 46th

Peter Lange

Patrick Schoemehl

Kenneth Fagan

Roopan Verma

Justin Thomas

Six points: Joint 41nd

Ashley Morris

Miss Annie aka AK127

Niall Kelcher

Justin Erickson

Mike Salvatore

Dub Sizzle

John Landrigan

Josh McMullen

Hurricane Hubbard

Tommy Cochran

Hayley Graham

Josh Edwards

Seven points: Joint 29th

Aadhya Shivakumar

John Harris

Andrea Claire

Rocky Getters

Eight points: Joint 25th


Damian H

Shane H

Jose Moguel

Nick Signorelli

Steven Merriam

Dale Burke

Nine points: Joint 18th

Dustin Speaker

Chris Mueller

Zohair Khan

Mr Mean

Christopher Ngo

Legend Killer

Svyato Rovenchuk

Sebastian Cedeno


Catalina Monsalve

10 points: Eighth

Greg Bush

11 points: Joint Seventh

Benjaimin David

David Eddings

Ricky Bhatia

xxValentinoxx Aka rashad

Rob Gushue

Captain Charisma

12 points: First

Asheel Din


Congratulations to Asheel for topping the table, erasing the humiliation of receiving 0 points in the last contest.

Thanks to everybody for taking part, as that is what really counts!

With the newest PPV, "TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs" just around the corner, will anybody else be able to step up and claim first place, adding their name to the list of past winners?

Thanks for playing, and I'll see you at TLC!