What's Next For Miguel Cotto: The Smartest Move Would Be...

jose valderazContributor INovember 23, 2009

to take time off, away from the sport of boxing to properly heal himself both physically and mentally. 

Believe it or not, the outcome of the Margarito fight still lingers within the mind of Miguel Cotto. Not to mention entering the very city and arena in which that devastating event took place. Surely memories were stirred and flashbacks were present regardless as to whether the proud Puerto Rican fighter admits it. He's gone on record assuring us all that he's put that fight behind him. I beg to differ!

Let's travel back to the Joshua Clottey fight in Madison Square Garden, a day before the annual Puerto Rican parade. That night Cotto was't able to dominate let alone successfully penetrate the defense of Clottey. In the minds of many, including mine, Miguel Cotto lost that fight. The initial expression followed by the reaction of Clottey when his opponent was named the victor said it all. During the post fight press conference Clottey expressed to all that he believes that he won the fight and is seeking a rematch. It's safe to conclude that Miguel's performance on that night was far from impressive.

Now let's jump back to the weeks that eventually led up to November 14. Throughout this entire ordeal any and everybody continued wondering the same, 'if Miguel Cotto has completely recovered from the beatings he received from Antonio Margarito'. We all know what the final outcome of the fight with the present pound for pound king whether we saw for ourselves or were later told. 

Excuses...Cotto had none. He was simply, no,  literally beaten to the punch by a better fighter. 

With all the media speculating if Cotto had put the horrific bout with Margarito behind him, one must wonder if all the attention given to that particular fight conjured up personal demons that Miguel believed he had already slayed! Personally, I know if I had been on the receiving end of those thunderous blows from the "Tijuana Tornado" it would of taken me a lot more time to recover than Cotto had taken. Jennings was a cakewalk, Clottey should've been a second blemish on the record of Miguel Cotto. 

It's obvious that the entire boxing world believes that Cotto hasn't gotten past Margarito. Right now, a rematch looks like the best move for Cotto to initiate. Later, later though. In the long run it'll do him good. If he is victorious he will walk away finally proving to himself that he was indeed the better fighter the night July 26th, 2008 and that he still is. Avenging a loss has and will always be a respectable accomplish for any fighter. For Cotto, all roads whether they fork or don't all direct attention back to the fight with Margarito. 

Cotto's made it clear that he has no interest in ever fighting him again, for he refuses to let Tony make another "penny" of him. Everbody is saying Cotto's washed up and done. He doesn't have many potential fight possibilities. One things for sure, he does need a more experienced trainer in his corner. Santiago can go back to being second in command.

If a rematch is never made, Margarito will forever cast a shadow over the career of Miguel Cotto. 

Could Cotto have won that fight? 

We may never know