Troubling Trends Topple Pittsburgh Steelers

spencer SzewczykContributor INovember 22, 2009

PITTSBURGH - 2009:  Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
NFL Photos/Getty Images

The Steelers' loss to Kansas City today highlighted all that is wrong with the 2009 team.

1) Pittsburgh's disdain for tackling on special teams.  The Steelers actually seem to enjoy allowing the opposing team to return at least one kick-off every week.  What else could explain their willingness to spot the opposing team seven points?

2) Pittsburgh's defensive aversion to getting off the field on third downs.  Of course they could count on help from Lebeau's awesome play-calling; the always reliable drop 8 and rush 3 that inevitably leads to our defense giving up the third and no-matter-the-distance-it-doesn't-matter first down.

I'm surprised Lebeau doesn't just pull the defense off the field on every third down play and only play on first and second down. 

3) Giving up the 10-point lead.  I'm starting to believe Tomlin challenges his players to get up by 10 and then see how quickly they can lose the lead.  He's the polar opposite of Cowher.

Coach Cowher worked like crazy to gain a 10 point lead and refused to let it go.  Tomlin gets the 10-point lead and then wants to see how quickly he can erase it in a series of mind-blowingly bad calls.

4) Go to the five-wide empty backfield set and either get Big Ben killed on a blitz or turn the football over.  Every time Arians calls this set, the defense knows there is no run possible and brings the house to either kill Big Ben or else tip the pass and cause the turnover.

Arians is a secret agent from the Ravens and they pay him $E100,000 dollars everytime he puts the Steelers in this horrid position.

5) Ike Taylor is Dwight Stone's younger brother.  Taylor's hands are every bit as good as Dwight "Hands of" Stone's were in the 90s.  Taylor couldn't catch Swine Flu if he moved to Mexico City.

6) Arians' refusal to run the ball on consecutive plays.  No matter how great the offensive line is run-blocking or how well Mendenhall is running, do not worry fans of Pittsburgh, Arians will always be the Kryptonite to our Superman.  

He will do everything in his power to stall a drive by going back to the pass and stealing the momentum from his own team.  

7) Random mental losses of focus.  This week it was Wallace fumbling a pass and Heath Miller missing a picture perfect pass from Big Ben.  

The Steelers seem to be good for two to three game-changing-dumb-headed plays each game.  This team has shown it is completely incapable of playing a four full quarters of solid football.

8) The Tomlin clap on the sidelines.  I really miss the Cowher chin on the sidelines when players screwed up.  Cowher would be the first person the player would have to face. The spit would be flying and you just knew that Cowher had blown out the player's ear drums and that he would NEVER screw up again.

Now we get the Tomlin congratulatory "clap and good job" no matter the situation. Good job to you too, Tomlin. You just lost to a team that was 2-7.  

Do any of you remember the movie Miracle where Kurt Russell has them do ice sprints for like three hours after a bad game.

Wouldn't you have loved to see EVERY STEELERS player have to stay at Arrowhead for three hours and run from one end of the field to the other until every single one of them puked their guts out?

I don't know what else could fix the repeated mistakes from this team because we do know one thing for sure: Tomlin's coaching and his staff sure can't do it.