What We Learn From the Ducks' Thrilling Win Over the Wildcats

Caleb M.@MouthoftheQuackAnalyst INovember 23, 2009


They picked a good game for College GameDay this week. I was expecting a smackdown of the Wildcats, and boy was I wrong. 

Oregon came back from what looked like a sure loss in the fourth quarter. A last second touchdown left the Arizona student section (who had already climbed over the wall into the field) in silence.

I haven't been happier all season...except for "Fright Night" October 31st.

Honestly, it was a spectacular finish as Oregon scooted by 44-41 in 2OT.

So what do we learn after the game?

Oregon Has Some Problems on D

I know, I know, how can I possibly be focusing on the negatives? The fact is, if the defense gets cocky against the Beavers, they WILL lose the Civil War.

Jacquizz Rodgers and company will destroy the Ducks if Oregon makes the same silly mistakes that they made against Arizona.

Arizona got a lot of decent rushes, and there were multiple occasions in the second half where there were wide open receivers down field, making 20+ yard catches. That needs to change by December 3rd.

Oregon has a bye next weekend, and they had better study up. After their win over the Trojans, it seems they've gotten cocky. They desperately need to get back to their old ways, playing every game like it's their last. 

Arizona's Rose Bowl Hopes Are Finished

Thanks to the loss, Arizona will remain the only Pac-10 team to never play in the Rose Bowl. Better luck next year Arizona. 

The Civil War Actually Means Something

Usually it's just for bragging rights around the state of Oregon. But this year, it actually has a huge impact on the Pac-10, and college football as a whole. The Civil War will decide who plays Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

This is bigger than the Super Bowl and the World Series combined for Ducks and Beaver fans, and it all goes down Thursday, December 3rd.

Masoli Is an Amazing Quarterback

Masoli lifted the Ducks up and rallied his troops in the fourth quarter, throwing some electrifying passes and making great runs.

DJ Davis, and Ed Dickson both had several drops and nearly cost Oregon the game. I had just about lost all hope, when Masoli kicked it in gear.

Masoli managed to get the ball where it needed to be, performing like a true superstar late in the game. He ended up with three passing and three rushing touchdowns.

Masoli set the Oregon career high for most points scored by a quarterback in a career with 132, beating Joey Harrington's previous record of 118. 

For his efforts, Masoli was named National Performer of the Week and is in the running for Player of the Week as well.

LaMichael James Is Still Amazing

Even while sharing carries with Remnae Alston and Kenjon Barner, James managed to run for his sixth straight 100-yard game with 117 yards. He also is now atop the Freshman Watch List, passing an idle Dion Lewis of Pittsburgh.


Overall, it was a very exciting game. I went from screaming until my lungs were hoarse and throwing pizza at the TV, to crying tears of joy and thinking how glad I am to be a Ducks fan. 

It was definitely an "Instant Classic", and a game that will be remembered for years to come.

For CBS' recap, click here . For more interesting stats from the game, click here .


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