Five Reasons Not To Watch The Chicago Bears Play Awful Football

Mitch MathisContributor INovember 22, 2009

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 08: Head coach Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears reacts as his defensive players including Marcus Harrison #94 and Hunter Hillenmeyer #92 leave the field late in a game against the Arizona Cardinals at Soldier Field on November 8, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Cardinals defeated the Bears 41-21.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This article is going to take you through five reasons why not to watch the bears and how they are so bad.

1.  Goodbye good QB, hello bad season

Look here, we have a match.  Kyle Orton trade for Jay Cutler.  Every Bears fan was defensive after the big trade when everyone was saying how bad a deal it was.  Well everyone was right.  The trade for Jay Cutler was a terrible call and I hope every Bears fan knows it. 

Jay Cutler is a terrible QB who last week through five interceptions versus San Francisco.  I am a 49ers fan who laughed so hard when I found out that Jay Cutler through five interceptions against do you do that?!

If you look at ther record, 4-5, guess what a big part of that is.  You got it: a bad QB who can't get the ball deep to his big play guys.  The Bears our known for tough running and short passes, well, guess what guys, that is not working.

17 interceptions this season on pace to 30.

2.  Can they throw the ball deep? Of course not.

They have guys like Devon Hester who would be great out of the backfield or from the flats to get down field, but the Bears are to afraid to get the ball to him.

Teams are starting to guess that the Bears are going to run the ball, and that is a great time to plop one out to center field. But, like I said earlier, they are to afraid to.

3. Matt Forte Runs Like a High School Player.

If your starting running back has less than a average of three yards per carry, thats not good.

CJ Speiler or Jahvid Best is gonna work better, but oops, you need a QB, but no, you also need a team!

4. Wait, where did there second round pick go!

Oh yeah, thats right, they traded it for a guy with two tackles in five games (Gaines Adam). Great move, guys!  Maybe they should have kept it so we could have gotten something useful for it.

5. Where did their defense go?

Oh, now I remember, down the drain with their playoff hopes.  BIG PLAY, BIG PLAY, BIG PLAY...good try defense, we will get them next time.  26.4 points per game scored against them will come back to haunt them.  They need a new defense, because right now, it's worse than Detroit, because people expected a defense and they got 26 points shoved down their throat.


Oh, and by the way, what happened to your kick returner? Thats right, he is not returning anymore!