TNA Wrestling Adds Another Knockout From Foreign Soil?

Bill LCorrespondent INovember 22, 2009

It appears that perhaps TNA is reaching into international territories again to add to its Knockouts Division. and are reporting that TNA is reaching a deal with British women’s wrestler Sweet Saraya Knight.


Most recently, she held the WAWW British Championship. She also co-chairs a long-running British federation with her husband.


There is not much I have been able to find out about Saraya in general, but here are a few tidbits that I came across.


Born Julia Hamer, the 38-year-old hails from Penzance, Cornwall, England and is married to Ricky Knight.


Together, the two of them are majority owners, chairs, and founders of a British minor promotion known as World Association of Wrestling. This promotion is based out of Norwich, East Anglia, and has been in existence since 1994.


Together with International Pro Wrestling, UK, and SAS Wrestling, the three companies all work under the banner of Real Quality Wrestling.


WAW has its own subordinate promotion, WAWW or the World Association of Women’s Wrestling.


WAW has become one of the longest running and most respected of the UK wrestling companies.


Saraya has a championship heritage within these promotions. She has held the Real Deal Wrestling World and Women’s titles one time each, the WAWW World title once, and the WAWW British title twice.


Recently, she dropped the WAWW British title to her daughter, Britani Knight.


Her husband, Ricky, is considered the founding father of the Knight Dynasty. According to his website bio, he is one of the most feared and respected wrestlers in Britain.


With Gentleman Jimmy Ocean, the two gained national notoriety as “The Notorious Superflies.”


It was Ricky and Jimmy Ocean who trained Saraya.  She in turn has trained other wrestlers in the craft, including a few men.


What videos I've been able to locate on YouTube show that she has good skills, but the matches are somewhat lackluster.


That may be related to the opponents she is working with, however, and is not a true reflection on her ability.


I did notice that she seems to be very good on the microphone and reminded me vaguely of Lita in how she carried herself.


If indeed she is added to the TNA roster, it will be interesting to see how she is used and if she is able to utilize her skills fully.