Kane Kalas Recalls His Father's Greatness Outside The Booth

Rupert PupkinCorrespondent INovember 22, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - APRIL 17: Kane Kalas, son of recently departed Philadelphia Phillies announcer Harry Kalas, sings the National Anthem before the game against the San Diego Padres on April 17, 2009 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kalas died of a heart attack on April 13, 2009 in Washington, D.C. after falling unconscious in the press box before the Washington Nationals home opener against the Phillies. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

There was a void at Citizens Bank Park this year. Everything was the same on the baseball field, but for any fan or member of the organization it was just not the same. Harry was gone. “We lost our voice,” as David Montgomery so eloquently put it.

Each win just wasn’t as sweet without Harry Kalas, the 38-year voice of Phillies baseball.

It’s hard to comprehend how a single man could mean so much to a city.

He was unbelievable behind a microphone. But so were many of his colleagues. His calls- legendary. But outside the booth was where Harry was at his finest. That’s what made him spectacular and a legend who will live on forever.

His son Kane is following right in his father’s footsteps, and I got the privilege and honor to speak with him the other night about his incredible father.



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