Survival of the Fittest: Survivor Series Predictions

Joel AbrahamContributor IIINovember 22, 2009

The road to WrestleMania 26 starts tonight! With Survivor Series having become the forgotten event of the traditional "Big Four", WWE has a great chance to build some feuds leading up to the big one next March.

Team Mickie vs. Team Michelle

I'm not gonna lie and pretend I care about the women's division at the moment, I'll start paying attention when creative actually bother coming up with decent storylines. After the pasting Mickie got on SD, I expect her to get some retribution here, leading to a Mickie vs. Michelle title match.

Winner: Mickie

Team Morrison vs. Team Miz

Lots of feuds going into this one, which makes a refreshing change from the usual elimination matches rustled up with no build-up.

Miz got the duke over JoMo last month, so Morrison ought to level the score tonight. I can see most of his team getting jobbed out early, so I think we may end up with the Shaman of Sexy outnumbered, but upsetting the odds.

I've seen nothing to suggest that Matt, Shelton, and Finlay are in this match for any other reason than to make up the numbers, so I doubt they'll last long. Team Miz, on the other hand, is bursting with talent getting plenty of TV time.

Recent results suggest that Sheamus and McIntyre might get themselves DQed, but with both in the middle of pushes I can't see them getting pinned.

Ziggler is a conundrum, having been caught in the crossfire of a war between Vince and Rey. His IC title win was aborted, and with creative unwilling to let Morrison drop the belt, Ziggler has racked up about 10 straight IC title challenges with nothing to show for it.

Hopefully this match will see him start a new feud, possibly with Matt. Morrison should also move onto something fresh, maybe defending his title against McIntyre.

The Swagger/Miz/Bourne US title feud should continue, so I expect some dissension within the ranks of Team Miz leading to JoMo picking up the win for the faces.

Winner: Team Morrison (Survivor: John Morrison)

Team Kofi vs. Team Orton

Another eagerly anticipated bout with the white-hot Kofi/Orton feud headlining.

The storyline possibilities here are endless, and this will hopefully be the start of a long and entertaining feud between the two that carries on well into 2010. Orton is doing a fine job in getting Kofi over as a serious competitor, and the ex-Jamaican looks odds-on for a MITB win come March.

Alongside this feud is the inevitable Legacy breakup, with DiBiase's movie in the pipelines and a long-awaited face turn surely imminent. I'm predicting a shock early elimination for Orton, with DiBiase leading his team to victory and signalling the beginning of the end for Legacy.

Punk appears to have fallen, and fallen hard since his aborted title run. In spite of this, he's helped R-Truth climb up the card and their segments on SD have been compelling. Punk should assert his dominance here.

There's also a chance for some ECW development; if Regal manages to pin Christian, perhaps he might get another title shot and win the strap. Either way, Christian needs something new—perhaps a feud with Punk?

MVP seems little more than a glorified jobber at the moment, whilst Mark Henry is inexplicably over with the crowd as a face. MVP needs to turn heel and fast—maybe tonight.

I expect this match to end with Kofi taking on Ted and Cody, with Ted getting the pin and challenging Orton's leadership of Legacy.

Winner: Team Orton (Survivors: Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes)

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

This feud strikes me as being underdeveloped. Considering the friendship these two had, I expected more fanfare for a match like this. With two huge names involved, this could potentially be a 'Mania main event.

TEEST's heel turn was well-executed, but the Animal needs more heat if he's going to establish himself as a main event heel. A stretcher job on Rey would do the trick.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this feud continue, with Dave getting his hands on the belt and then taking on Rey at Mania.

Winner: Batista

John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

With three faces involved, something's gotta give. Again, I feel this one has been rushed considering the history between the three competitors.

Cena won't drop the belt so soon after winning it. Hopefully WWE will stop playing hot potato with the gold for now. Neither Triple H nor HBK need a title win now (if ever again).

After pedigreeing Hornswoggle on Raw, I expect to see Triple H turn heel tonight, leading to a feud with HBK that culminates at 'Mania.

Cena will hold onto the belt, possibly losing it to Batista and, judging by the finish to this week's Raw, going on to challenge Undertaker's 'Mania streak. I think Cena vs. Batista and Cena vs. Taker both have 'Mania headlining potential.

Winner: John Cena

Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Watching Undertaker wrestle the past few months has been a depressing sight; a mere husk of the superlative performance he delivered at WrestleMania 25.

That epic showdown has obviously taken a lot out of the Deadman, who looks on his last legs. He can't wrestle for longer than 10 minutes, and relies on gimmick matches to carry him through.

This could be Taker's final title reign before his retirement, which is surely going to be sooner rather than later. A 'Mania victory over Cena would be a fine way to bow out, but for now, he needs to drop the belt.

Ten minute matches do not do justice to the World Heavyweight Title, so I expect the gold to be passed on to someone who can consistently deliver excellent, main event-worthy matches.

Step forward, Chris Jericho. He has shone throughout 2009, getting two fine matches out of Ricky Steamboat, a feud of the year candidate with Rey Mysterio, and bringing some of the gloss back to the tag titles whilst simultaneously making Big Show matches watchable.

Jericho will surely carry tonight's match with the crocked Taker and plodding Big Show. He could single-handedly save this match and propel himself into the main event at the same time.

Chris deserves another title reign, and could really establish himself here as the company's No. 1 heel.

I think Taker will drop the belt simply by virtue of next month's PPV—surely he can't take part in a TLC match in his physical condition.

I expect Jericho to triumph tonight, leading to a feud with Big Show, passing on the tag titles, and ultimately a WrestleMania showdown with the returning Edge.

Winner: Chris Jericho

I have high hopes for Survivor Series. The matches look good on paper and there are possibilities for some juicy feuds leading up to WrestleMania. Come on WWE; don't let us down!


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