NCAA Football Top 25 Week 12: TCU Remains No. 1, LSU Falls to No. 19

Tyler StimsonCorrespondent INovember 22, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, AL - NOVEMBER 07:  Head coach Les Miles of the Louisiana State University Tigers against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 7, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Tyler Stimson votes in the ESPN-U poll and the Bleacher Report poll.

(Team Records and last weeks ranking in parentheses )

This is my College Football Top 25 for Week 12.

It was another good week of college football, the top 10 remained completely static, but in the rest of the top 25 there was quite a bit of change. LSU-Ole Miss, and Arizona-Oregon went all the way down to the wire, and both ended in exciting fashion. Next week, we have rivalry week, which will provide some excellent action and some opportunities for upsets.

1. TCU (11-0)—Demolished Wyoming on the road, 45-10. They led 24-10 at halftime, then led 45-10 after three quarters, and pulled out all their starters.

Before accounting for this weekends' games (the numbers have not been released yet) TCU's SOS was 25. Texas'? 37.

Victories over teams in the current top 25:

TCU three (Clemson, BYU, Utah)

Alabama two (LSU, Ole Miss)

Florida one (LSU)

Texas one (OSU).

This team keeps rolling towards a BCS bowl, and hopefully a national title appearance. All they need is a Texas and Cincinnati loss, and they are a shoe-in for the title game. But in my opinion, this team deserves to get in over Texas, and play the SEC champion. Their defense is one of the best in all of college football.

On offense, they average over 200 yards rushing a game and have one of the most efficient dual threat QBs in the nation in Andy Dalton.

And on special teams they have Jeremy Kerley, who already has two punt return touchdowns and is extremely dangerous as a receiver or running the wildcat formation. Against Utah they blocked a punt and forced a fumble on a kickoff in the first quarter.

This is the only team that has beaten Boise State since the 2007 season.

They finished No. 7 in the polls last year.

This team has no clear weakness. They are the only team in the nation in the top 10 in offense and defense. They have played a tough schedule, and they are worthy of the No. 1 overall ranking.

They have not dilley dallied with clearly inferior opponents, they have demolished them, jumping out to a 21-0 lead against BYU, and a 35-7 lead against Utah early in the second quarter.

In comparing Alabama and TCU, consider this: TCU beat San Diego State 55-12. San Diego State lost to UCLA 33-14. Tennessee also lost to UCLA, but by 30-19. Alabama beat Tennessee by only two points at home, needing two blocked field goals to do so. So that means that TCU is 33 points better than Alabama.

Since Florida beat Tennessee by 10, TCU is only 25 points better than Florida.

In comparing Texas and TCU, consider this: TCU beat BYU 38-7. BYU beat Oklahoma 14-13. Texas beat Oklahoma 16-13. So TCU is 29 points better than Texas!

In comparing TCU and Oregon, consider this: TCU beat Utah 55-28. Utah lost to Oregon 31-24. So TCU is 20 points better than Oregon, the No. 1 team in the Pac-10.

(I'm not being completely serious, I'm just showing the idiocy of A-B-C team comparisons, especially when you take into account margin of victory)

To fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: Thanks for selling out the stadium, its been a long time coming!

2. Alabama (11-0) Beat Chattanooga 45-0. Wow! What a tough non-conference game to schedule. At least they have another victory over a team with a winning record (Chatanooga, 6-5). But really, Alabama is the best team from any BCS conference.

3. Florida (11-0) Beat Florida International 63-3. Again, I'm just more and more impressed with the tough non-conference schedule of SEC teams. The Florida offense is back! They average 37 points a game for the year! But if you take a closer look, there is real cause for concern.

They've averaged 52 points a game against Charleston Southern, Troy, FIU, Georgia and Kentucky.

Against the rest of their schedule? (Tennessee, LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and South Carolina) A measly 23 points a game.

Their 37 points per a game is clearly inflated from running up the score against cupcake competition. Their defense, however, might be the best in the nation. And it might be enough to carry them to their third national title in four years.

4. Texas (11-0)—Beat Kansas 51-20. To me, the most hilarious thing is hearing the arguments for Texas over TCU. Instead of TCU having to say "It's not our fault our conference isn't very good, this year." It's supporters of Texas having to say it. Before taking today's games into account, Texas' SOS was 37th. TCU's? 25th.

5. Boise State (11-0)—Beat Utah State 52-21 on the road. Their two best RB's, Martin and Avery, combined for 29 carries, 237 yards and six touchdowns. If this team runs the table and still doesn’t make a BCS bowl, it will be a complete and utter travesty.

But, where will they end up if they don't make it to a BCS bowl? Playing BYU/Utah in the Pointsetta or Las Vegas bowl? I hope they get their chance against a BCS team. Nothing makes the BCS elite happier than seeing non-BCS teams cannibalize each other.

6. Cincinatti (10-0)—Had a bye. The face Illinois next Friday, then face Pittsburgh in the final Saturday of the season, in the game that will decide the Big East title, and a BCS berth.

7. Georgia Tech (10-1) Had a bye. They face Georgia in their rivalry game next Saturday.

8. Pittsburgh (9-1)—Had a bye. They face West Virginia next Friday, then face Cincinatti two weeks from this Saturday.

9. Oregon (9-2)—Beat Arizona 44-41 in their second overtime opponent. If they can get past Oregon State, the Pac-10 title, and a Rose Bowl matchup with Ohio State is theirs.

10. Ohio State (10-2)—Beat Michigan 21-10. Ohio State is the class of a mediocre conference, and Michigan gave this game away,  with three red turnovers, and another turnover that went the other  way for a touchdown.

11. (12) Clemson (8-3)—Beat Virginia 34-21. Has three losses by a combined 10 points. One came to No. 1 TCU, one came to No. 7 Georgia Tech (by three points on the road), and one (inexplicably) came to Maryland. But to me this is a top 15 caliber team, and they are worthy of this ranking. CJ Spiller should be a finalist for the Heisman.

12. (14) Iowa (10-2)—Beat Minnesota 12-0. Iowa, with its rabid fan base, is not in a bad position to get a BCS at-large berth, at this point it is looking more and more likely.

13. (17) BYU (9-2)—Beat Air Force 38-21. They dominated this game, having their most impressive home showing of the season. Air Force scored late to make the game seem closer than it was. They host Utah next week which should be one of the best games of the week. BYU hopes they can avenge last years loss against the hated Utes and make it three out of four with a home victory.

14. (18) Utah  (9-2)—Beat San Diego State 38-7. They led 38-0 at halftime and coasted to an easy victory. Their only other losses are to two top ten teams: 24-31 at Oregon and getting blownout last week at TCU. But their best win is a seven-point victory at home against a 7-5 Air Force team. They play at BYU next week which should be another heated rivalry game, as both teams will be ranked in the top 25 for the second straight year.

15. (19) Houston (9-2)—Beat Memphis 55-14. They finally decided to dominate a game, instead of winning in the final seconds. Despite losses to UCF and UTEP in conference, they still have a solid overall resume, having beaten Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Mississippi State in their non-conference schedule.

16. (20) Penn State (10-2)—Demolished Michigan State 42-10. This is a team that has played an easy schedule. Their best victory is...over Northwestern. They lost convincingly to the only two good teams they faced.

17 . (15) Oklahoma State (9-2)—Cameback against a feisty Colorado team, winning 31-28 on Thursday night. They play at Oklahoma next Saturday, in what should be a great game.

18. (Unranked) Ole Miss (8-3)—Dominated LSU for almost the entire game, gave it away, then held on as LSU gave the game back to them. They ended up winning 25-23 in one of the wildest finished I've seen this college football season.

Should Ole Miss be ranked ahead of LSU? They have the same record, but Ole Miss barely escaped with a win at home, so for this week at least, I say yes.

19. LSU (11) (8-3)—Almost stole one from Mississippi, ultimately losing 25-23. They had a spectacular series of dumb mistakes that cost them from pulling of the miracle comeback at the end.

They had the ball, down by two with less than a minute left at Ole Miss' 30 yard line. Then they lost 17 yards on the next two plays, converted on 4th-and-26, but didn't have enough time left to get a field goal. If you are an LSU fan, you are rightfully angry with your team for blowing that opportunity. What a crazy game.

20. (22) Navy (8-3) Had a bye. They face Hawaii on the road next week. Their only losses are close ones on the road to top teams Pittsburgh (9-1), Ohio State (10-2) and Temple (8-2).

21. USC (23)  (7-3) Had a bye. They end the season by hosting UCLA, then play at Arizona.

The Pac-10 might be the best conference (top-to-bottom) in college football. The main thing that keeping them in the top 25 is their victory over Ohio State earlier this year.

22. North Carolina (24)  (8-3)—Crushed Boston College 31-13. They have won four in a row.

23. (Unranked) Oregon State   (8-3)—Beat Washington State 42-10. They play at Oregon next week for a chance to play in a BCS bowl and take home the Pac-10 title.

24. (Unranked) California (8-3)—Beat Stanford 34-28. California has won five of their last six games, a very impressive feat in this year's Pac-10.

25. (12) Stanford (7-4) Lost to California 34-28. Stanford came back down to earth after defeating Oregon and USC in consecutive weeks.

Dropped Out: Wisconsin (16), Rutgers (20), Miami (25)

Newcomers: Ole Miss (19), Oregon State (23), California (24)

Conference Breakdown

Pac-10 (five), SEC (four), MWC (three), ACC (three), Big 10 (three), Big East (two), Big 12 (two), WAC (one), C-USA (one), Independents (one)

Please post any comments below! Let me know what you think about these rankings.

What do you totally disagree with? Please let me know!

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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