Floyd Mayweather Celebrated Manny Pacquiao's Victory at Club XS

King JSenior Writer INovember 21, 2009

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Last Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather Jr celebrated Manny Pacquiao's victory over Miguel Cotto at Club XS at the Encore Casino in Las Vegas.
Right after the super mega fight of Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto last Saturday pretty much only one man's name was being mentioned on everyone's mouth on who would be Pacquiao's next victim. That name was Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd is the last undefeated American No. 1 pound for pound fighter who retired two years ago to open the No. 1 pound for pound title to be acquired by Manny Pacquiao.
Ever since Floyd's retirement, Manny has been winning over more fans with his exciting all-action style of fighting, knocking out his opponents rather than winning a comfortable decision.
So now that Floyd is back from retirement and still riding high over his one-sided dominating performance over Juan Manuel Marquez, a fighter that Pacquiao struggled with at the lower weight classes, what was Floyd doing right after the Pacquiao destruction of Cotto?
Well Floyd was seen celebrating in club XS. It was a $50 cover charge. It could have been because it was fight night and the club promoters knew they could charge whatever they desired.
Last Saturday night after the fight, Club XS had many celebrities in the house. A few members of my entourage were shaking hands with NFL New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, who had his own special VIP table in the club and who was also in attendance at the weigh-in the day before, hyping up both the Filipino and Puerto Rican crowds.
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., 41(30)-0-1 son of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., was also at club XS. Chavez Jr. just fought on the under card to a unanimous decision over Troy Rowland in what was his first fight at the middleweight division.
Julio's next fight may continue to be at middle weight, as he is still debating which weight class he will be campaigning to fight at.
But then of course the biggest celebrity that everyone had their eyes on was Floyd Mayweather Jr who had the biggest VIP table in the club with the biggest entourage as well.
From what one can see Floyd had four very large tall muscle bound body guards surrounding his table, blocking off any unwanted clubbers.
So who was sitting with the fighter known as Pretty Boy? Singer and reality star Ray-J was seen at his table, as well as hip hop mogul P. Diddy, Puerto Rican rapper Fat Joe, who was obviously quite down from the devastating result of Puerto Rican fighter Miguel Cotto being stopped in the 12th round, and about another six members of his entourage who were seen holding large expensive bottles, drinking, dancing, laughing and having a good time.
According to HBO interviews Floyd is known to spend $10,000 a night at clubs even though he himself does not drink alcohol.
However, seeing how his entourage was drinking an endless amount of expensive bottles like it was water I can see how the bill might actually come out to $10,000.
The club was very dark, and Floyd and his entourage were sitting high up in their seats looking down at their table in what seemed to be some sort of game they were playing?
Floyd was moving very fast back and forth, up and down which reminds me of how truly superior his speed is in the ring.
Mayweather appeared to be very happy and celebrating. But what was the exact reason? Was it because Pacquiao just won the biggest hardest fight of his career?
Or was it because Mayweather was happy that he would most likely be next to fight Manny in what many experts are already calling the highest grossing fight in boxing history?
Or was it because Floyd was a bit jealous at all of the love and recognition Manny was receiving from all of the media that night from the big win in such a big fight with Cotto?
Whatever the reason was Floyd seemed to be happy and if this fight with Manny Pacquiao indeed gets officially signed, sealed, and delivered, he will be even happier, no matter what the result, win, lose, or draw for he will make more money than ever before.
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