NASCAR Does The Wrong Thing...again

Chaz TeetsCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

What else could happen this week?

First we have racial discrimination, as if the NASCAR stereotypes didn't already have enough fuel for the fire.

Now we have this.

Apparently NASCAR is heading down the road that, in my own opinion, is dooming this country...silencing free speech.

On top of an already dark week for NASCAR, today brings news that NASCAR President Mike Helton has issued a gag order for drivers to quit talking negatively about the new COT cars. In a closed-doors driver's meeting, Helton essentially told the drivers to "shut up and drive."

Ever since the first race with the COT at Bristol in 2007, NASCAR drivers have been complaining about the car. Kyle Busch immediately blasted it at that Bristol race, even though he won the race.

You know what, NASCAR?

You are the one that needs to shut up.

Silencing the drivers is not the way to make the car any better. Working with the drivers and actually listening to their complaints will make the car better. Silencing them only makes NASCAR look like a dictatorial regime that doesn't care what its drivers think and in the meantime, sacrificing a loyal fanbase in a futile attempt to make the almighty dollar.

NASCAR needs to step back and look at what brought NASCAR to the forefront of American sports from seemingly nothing...raw emotion. The 1979 Daytona 500 is the shining example of why NASCAR grew to be what it is today. People love seeing emotion in action, and the famous fight between Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison set the wheels in motion.

Telling today's drivers to shut up and be a corporate pawn would make the founders of NASCAR roll over in their graves. It is a shame that the NASCAR bigwigs can no longer see beyond their own noses at what NASCAR fans really want in the sport. We don't want to see muppets on a string operated by NASCAR, we want to see and hear what the drivers really think and feel.

Shame on you NASCAR.