Do The Warriors Have a Secret Scouting Report? Or Do Teams Not Care?

Randall RRContributor INovember 21, 2009

It all started January 2, 2007, When the Golden State Warriors decided to call-up Kelenna Azubuike from then on the Warriors organization would change.  That move was more of an experimental move than anything.  The Warriors lucked out and scored with Kelenna, as he has become a fan favorite.  He is also a very versatile player: he can play the 3 or 4, because of his size and strength combination.  He is a natural athlete and strives in the open floor and not to mention his jump shot. Last season he was 4th in the NBA in 3-point shooting last season behind teammate Anthony Morrow, Jameer Nelson, and Troy Murphy.  Buike has shown that he has the skills to become a very good player in the NBA and hopefully he can recover from his injury and keep his talent at a high level.


The next experiment came from C.J. Watson, he had the similar path of Kelenna, because he was a great collegiate athlete, but went undrafted, but C.J. was better qualified because he was second all-time in assists, & steals for the Tennessee Volunteers.  He was called up from the D-league January 8, 2008, this time more of an experiment than Azubuike, and Watson signed a 10-day contract, and sure enough he impressed Don Nelson enough to signed to a second 10-day contract.  He seized his opportunity and was singed for the remainder of the season.  Watson has shown to be a valuable back-up point guard, but has never been given the opportunity to become a starter, because of the players the Warriors have had. (Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Jamal Crawford, and now Stephen Curry).  Throughout all of those times somehow he has been able to get minutes on the floor.  That shows that he is humble and will work no matter what.


Next we have Jermareo Davidson, who is a major disappointment to us Warrior fans.  Once again we were very optimistic when we heard that he was signed to a 10-day contract, thinking he would do the same as Watson, and Kelenna Azubuike.  Sadly he did not perform as expected, but it was an ironic situation with him because he was drafted by the Warriors, but was traded draft day along with Jason Richardson for Brandon Wright.  This past summer he failed to impress the Warrior organization and was waived.


On November 20, 2009 the Warriors signed Chris Hunter, and he played 14 minutes was 2/2 from the field: both of which were jump shots, had 3 rebounds against Greg Oden, a steal, and a blocked shot.  He impressed the entire team, for just showing up earlier that day signing a contract and playing.  After the game Nelson had told the media, “(Chris) Hunter was very surprising on how efficient he was. I’ve never seen him before, I never met him before. That guy belongs in the NBA. Hopefully we can find some way to keep him. He’s probably stronger than anyone I have at that position. He’s going to fit in nicely for what we are looking for.”


In Chris Hunters second Career game he played 10 minutes was 2-3 from the field and had 2 rebounds.  His overall +- on the game was +7.  He was playing defense against Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess, and Richard Jefferson.  That is what was so impressive about that.  That Very good start of playing defense against 2 of the leagues premiere players: Duncan & Dirk, and having the confidence of being intimidated is something that can not be teached.


So far the Warriors are 2/3 on D-league player turning into legit NBA players, and it could easily go to 3/4 when we get to see Hunter in more games.