Has CM Punk Been Demoted To Mid-Card Level?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 21, 2009

As most of my readers know, I have never been a massive fan of a certain individual in the world of professional wrestling. I like to be in the middle in a way. I feel by taking sides, creditability will go out the window half the time when talking about the specific wrestler.

CM Punk is one of those people that I am a fan of, but I am not a massive fan that can not see the truth when it comes to him, unlike his fans. Punk is killing on the mic right now, as a heel, I don't think there is another heel besides Chris Jericho who is better.

I still feel, as I mentioned before numerous times, that Punk sends out a good message in being straightedge. Which means you don't drink, don't smoke, and don't do drugs. It is a great lifestyle and many of the kids should look up to Punk and follow that.

However, the WWE made him a heel, which means everything he says is pretty much garbage in the fan's eyes. The message being sent out to the kids is not getting into their brains simply because the fan's know they are not supposed to like the heels.

Do people like them anyway? Heck yeah! I am a fan of Edge(even though it is said he is coming back as a face) and Jericho myself, simply because they are entertaining.

The WWE is in PG right now, which means they are trying to make the WWE more of a family environment. When you have a guy like Punk who is supposed to be sending a great message for kids to follow, and he makes the message heelish and annoying where the kids would never want to be like him, then you kill the message he is sending.

Sure, most adults know drinking, smoking, and doing drugs are not good for your body. But as an impressionable child, you do not know that. So when you have a person who can reach out to the children as a figure head for what to do right, then you make him look good in the eyes of the people he can reach out to.

Otherwise, you don't use the straightedge gimmick. Make him a regular, run of the mill heel.

If this was the WWE of the attitude era or even the PG-13 WWE, then I'd have no issue with how Punk's character is used. But in PG, I do a lot.

In any case, the WWE does like Punk, it is why they gave him back to back money in the bank wins. He has won three World Heavyweight Titles and is the fastest to attain the triple crown(World Championship, secondary singles title, and tag team title) in WWE history.

He is being used well if you ask me, and fans need to see that. And there is a reason why he is not in the main event right now. He has been outside of the World Title hunt pretty much since he lost to The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell.

And right now, he has been put him a small program with R-Truth. Truth is a mid-card guy who could use a push. He has not been wonderful on the mic since his arrival, but over the past few weeks he has gotten a bit better in my opinion.

The WWE feels that Punk can help him along. He is sorely needed as a top face seeing as the WWE stupidly made Batista a heel. And it looks like Rey Mysterio will be leaving soon because of a leg problem.

So, two top faces gone and really no one to take their place. I guess I wasn't wrong in saying Batista shouldn't have turned heel. But that is another story for another day.

Truth could be great as a top face, and the WWE really needs him to be. So lets hope he does well.

Now, there is a belief that Punk could possibly cut his program with Truth short and take on Undertaker or whoever wins a Survivor Series for the World Heavyweight Title at the TLC PPV next month. He is on the promotional poster for the PPV, which doesn't always mean a wrestler will be in the main event, but it does mean they will have a marquee match.

Right now, Punk is also kinda one of the few on the SmackDown roster that has ladder match experience anyway. And it looks like Taker will take on Jericho at Wrestlemania, so its doubtful they will ruin a possible Mania main event at TLC. So, Punk seems to be the only one.

Also, it is doubtful Undertaker will lose the title at Survivor Series. Because if he does, then it will have to be to Jericho and he would need a person to face. It won't be John Morrison because he is doing a program with Dolph Ziggler, which only leaves Matt Hardy.

And because he is not being used as a main eventer, I doubt he will be in the match.

So, the WWE will most likely have Taker come out as the winner somehow. Now, Undertaker has TLC match experience. But he is not exciting, nor will be the highlight real guy we want to see. Punk can be, so he would be the guy the WWE would want to put in the match.

So Punk fans have no need to fear. It looks as if Punk will be pushed into the World Heavyweight Title match and possibly win the title for the fourth time.