Pacman Jones Will Stay On the Field and Off the Police Report in Dallas

Matt SavopoulosCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

Here are four reasons why I believe Pacman Jones will stay on the field this season.


The knowledge that his career is dangling by the thinnest of threads

If he does anything, anything at all, that breaks the law or sullies the NFL's reputation; Roger Goodell won't hesitate to give him the boot. Pacman knows this. Pacman knows that if he gets so much as a citation for littering, he's done playing professional football. If he loves the game as much as he has professed in recent months, he'll be taking every caution to allow himself to keep playing it.


Positive locker-room influences

Love it or hate it, it can't be denied that Dallas has taken some character risks in the past. Tank Johnson, who was in the same position last season as Pacman is right now, was brought in midseason. T.O., who has been a model citizen since arriving in Texas, was considered a malignant tumor by his two previous teams.

To date, neither has been even a minute problem for the Cowboys. This speaks volumes to the locker-room atmosphere that Dallas has right now. With veteran leaders like Owens, Roy Williams, Zach Thomas, and Tony Romo supporting him, and the knowledge that others have turned their acts around here, Pacman will see the light in Dallas.


Deion Sanders

Neon Deion, a player who, in his heyday, was similar to Pacman, has taken Pacman under his wing and is trying to show him how be successful in the league, both on the field and off.


Sanders is offering the sort of guidance off the field that Pacman needs—a living example of how to conduct himself, of how to excel in the spotlight and still keep his nose clean when he's not at the stadium.


Jerry Jones

Really, can anybody come up with something that Jerry Jones wouldn't do to better the Cowboys? If Pacman needs anything at all to help him stay out of trouble, all he has to do is ask Jerry.

Pacman has said that he's been very impressed by the Cowboys' owner to date, and is very comfortable around him. If Jerry sees his new punt returner veering off the beaten path, I wouldn't be surprised to see the billionaire take a personal hand in bringing his investment back into the fold.