Review Of Next Year's Hopeful Giants Lineup and Roster

kyle mclaughlinContributor INovember 21, 2009

The San Francisco Giants are heading into the off season after an exciting but overachieving season. To continue winning they can't just sit on heir hands all off season they are going to have do something about their hitting. Going into free agency the giants must have the most one-sided wish list in the league they have no need for pitching but had as we all know one of the worst offenses in baseball. This plan is a way to fix that through free agency and a trade. First trade Aaron Rowand, Henry Sosa, Michael McBryde, and Clayton Tanner for Curtis Granderson and Dontrelle Willis, you may ask why we'd want Willis it's that there is no way the tigers would except Rowands contract without that and being in the bay area where he grew up probably would help his pitching. Then sign Jason Bay for the obvious reason that the giants need someone who should hit at least .280 with 30 hrs. They should then sign Hank Blalock who should hit 20 hrs. if he stays healthy with a higher batting average and is also still only 28 and young enough to improve upon those number, he is also according to UZR  at least an average 1st baseman. Next they should release edgar renteria who is useless and resign Juan Uribe to play shortstop. Another resigning that they could pursue is Brad Penny if the decide that Bumgarner would be better suited to another year in the minors. The Giants final move in this plan would be to sign Ivan Rodriguez to mentor buster posey as Danny Penza suggested even though Eli Whiteside is a good backup Pudge has much more offensive value and appears to be willing to not play full time and mentor a young catcher. These moves would fix the giants problems and give them at least an average offense.


1. Curtis Granderson CF TRD Gives the giants an all around better center fielder for less money.

2. Freddy Sanchez 2B If this season's injury problems were an aberration Freddy is a prototypical number 2 hitter with above average defense at 2nd base.

3. Pablo Sandoval 3B The kung fu panda is not likely stop hitting he may actually be even better after the work he is putting in to help his weight.

4. Jason Bay LF FA The giants need Jason Bay very badly he even without the other moves instantly makes the giants a better team and probably puts them ahead of the Rockies in the west.

5. Hank Blalock 1B FA If he hit 20 hrs. he would be the first giant this decade although partly caused by the fact that J.T. Snow was one of the fielding 1st baseman in history it shows how bad a need there is for even an average player at the position.

6. Juan Uribe SS Although his batting average was probably a fluke a his BABIP was much higher than previously had been in the rest of his career he still has power and is an above average fielder at 2nd and 3rd and is not much of a difference from renteria at short.

7. Nate Schierholtz RF After starting the most major league games of his career last year watch for him to take a major step in the right direction. At times during the season he looked great hitting for average and power and always playing a great right field with a very good arm, but at times it looked like half the strike zone was a hole in his swing. Hopefully with the full time job he can work out these problems and become a good outfielder.

8. Buster Posey C Posey should really be batting higher but the more proven players got those spots. Expect him to at least contend for rooki8e of the year superior in all ways to Bengie Molina will be one of the best catchers in the league within a few years.

9a. Tim Lincecum RHP The Freak just one his second Cy Young in his second full season, scary as it seems he will only get better.

9b. Barry Zito LHP In the second half of the season Zito reemerged from the cave he'd been in the prior 2 and a half years to be one of the best pitcher in baseball after the all-star brake. He should continue pitching better now that he's learned to overcome the problems of trying to hard with a large contract.

9c. Matt Cain RHP Next year he should be able to pitch well without having to be extremely lucky with most things, with lincecum two of the best young pitchers a single team has had in a while.

9d. Jonathan Sanchez LHP What a difference one game makes. The entire fan base of the giants was calling for his trade after he had pitched himself out of the rotation. When Randy Johnson got injured on an awkward swing the giants emitted a collective groan when they saw that it would be Sanchez replacing him in the next game against the Padres and pitching in front of his dad for the first time in the major leagues he came one juan Uribe error away from a perfect game. After the no-no he seemed to have fixed a lot of his control and consistency issues. If he can continue what he did after that no-hitter this year he could have over 200 strikeouts.

9e. Brad Penny RHP/ Madison Bumgarner LHP This depends on if Bumgarner is ready for the majors. If he is could be another contender for the NL Rookie of the Year. If he isn't Brad Penny could be a very good 5th starter.


C. Ivan Rodriguez FA Signed to mentor Posey like he was with the rangers group of young catchers he can do this better than Eli Whiteside because he has more experience and is more valuable with the stick.

1B. Travis Ishikawa Picked him over Garko because although Blalock is left handed he is about as good against lefties and righties and according to UZR Ishikawa is the best defensive 1st baseman in baseball.

INF. Emmanuel Burriss Burris deserves another chance to play the giants infield. He is not a bad hitter even though he has absolutely no power and is a good fast base runner who was on pace to steal at least around 25 bases and be caught around 8 times before he was sent down and got hurt. Burris is also a good fielder.

UTIL. Eugenio Velez plays almost every day where ever needed á la 2004-05 chone figgins. When he plays should lead off.

OF. Fred Lewis He is not as bad of an outfielder as you might think although not good he can play all three outfield positions and probably has the best eye on the team. He would also be the top pinch hitter as he ranked as on of the best in league at it.


CL. Brian Wilson RHP Although he blew 7 saves he lowered his ERA and made fans less likely to have heart attacks when he comes in by walking less and sometimes looking like one of the most dominant closer in the league striking out the side on 11 pitches against the Astros although that waas not in a save situation.

SU. Jeremy Affeldt LHP Affeldt was the best set up man in baseball this season leading the league leading 1.73 ERA, 33 holds, and 18 double plays he gives the giants a great reliever leading up to Wilson.

MR1. Sergio Romo RHP Although his stats don't say he is the giants most reliable reliever not named affeldt or wilson his ERA was inflated by 2 bad stints just after coming back from missing about half the season after which he was consistently reliable.

MR2. Brandon Medders RHP The giants signed Medders to a low risk high reward minor league contract and got rewarded he finished the season 3.01 ERA and should continue to be a solid reliever. 

MR3. Dan Runzler LHP He only pitched 8 and two thirds innings but you could tell he was going to be good. Through those 8.2 innings he struck out eleven allowed 6 hits and 1 run with a dominant 96 mph fastball and supposedly a good curve and slider that Bengie would almost never call for because the batters a so much trouble with the fastball.

MR4. Bob Howry RHP Although he had a 3.39 ERA he was an example that although wins might be useless in showing how good a pitcher is, for reliever losses aren't he ad 6 losses and 3 blown saves he would have had more if it wasn't for the fact that Bochy realized he was crumpling under pressure and started using him almost only in low leverage situations although he did use him a lot in those. He wasn't bad but he is not your first choice to bring in with a runner on second in a tie ballgame. 

LR1. Justin Miller RHP He may be remembered better for the terrible inning against the Rockies but Miller had a good year finishing with a 3.18 ERA and was useful in that when the other pitcher in the bullpen needed a rest he could go an extra inning to more of them a night off.