Why Ronaldo Should Move to Real Madrid

Scott MachaCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

With all the speculation going on about Cristiano Ronaldo's future lately I thought I would chime in and give my thoughts.

There are no if, ands, or buts to it, it is time for Cris to move on.

He has already stated that he wants to move on and for Manchester to keep him now would only make him upset and cause a drop in form.

Let us be honest, he is not going to have another 40 goal season next year wherever he is, this will have been the best season of his life and the peak of his career. I say this because it is now expected out of him and he will not be able to live up to the renewed hype.

To look at the reasons why this transfer should happen one by one:

1. Real have already said that they will not come back with a similar offer next year, meaning it is now or never. If Ronaldo is denied his move now and his form suffers from it, then Manchester are stuck with a very expensive role player.

2. Upsetting Ronaldo will lead to problems with the team chemistry at Old Trafford. Nani is a similar type of player and could be upset at losing his chance to a sometimes performer, and there would be renewed tensions between Rooney and Cris.

3. As shown above Nani is there on the edge of breaking into the starting eleven, and Ronaldo's departure could pave way for a new superstar to be born.

4. The offer is coming from a club outside of England meaning that Manyoo could only meet him in competition a couple of times in a year.

5. This is actually a ridiculous amount of money and could lead to some powerful signings for Sir Alex to strengthen a somewhat inconsistent back line.

6. Sir Alex would show that the club does not revolve around Cristiano as he obviously feels it does, which would raise the amount of respect for the club and strengthen the team's chemistry.

While I fully feel that this transfer will happen after the Euro's finish, I believe that there will be some bad blood spilt over it.

Maybe getting Sneijder in as part of the deal could help? That would sure make things more interesting, and I won't lie and say that I will miss Ronaldo.