Have Fun This Season...Better to Laugh Than Cry...Let's Rest Toronto!

Jerry TopolinskyContributor INovember 20, 2009

RALEIGH, NC - NOVEMBER 19: Hea Coach Ron Wilson (C) of the Toronto Maple Leafs gives his players instructions late in the third period in their game against the Carolina Hurricanes at the RBC Center on November 19, 2009 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Hurricanes defeated the Maple Leafs 6-5 in the shoot out. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Toronto Maple Leafs Need Another Rest? I mean really, they look tired out there don't they? Who else thinks they look tired? Does Ronnie Wilson still think they look tired?

Think they need to settle down? Who's going to be the goalie Ron? Toskala? Gustavsson? MacDonald? Hell, why not RONALD McDonald?

Getting sick of the questions Ron? Let's have fun with this mess! Let's rest, let's go out there on Saturday for the Hockey Night In Canada crowd and have a pajama party!

Hell, if we can't laugh about this then it's going to be a sad year... well hopefully it'll only be a sad year... maybe I could handle a sad two years... ahh hell, who am I kidding I've handled many sad years and I'm sure it won't end too soon.

What's the tune is Ronnie singing now? I know he's sick and tired about goaltender questions. Hell, I'm sick of goaltender questions... I'm well aware that a goaltender can't score goals, either.


The way I personally feel on that is that if your team cant score more than two goals, don't bother blaming the goalie (even if the goalie does let up the first three goals within the first ten minutes).


But really, who cares about the goalie. The one great thing about the Leafs is that they are all at the same level... pretty much.


Speaking of goalies, I did read that next year Gustavsson should be getting a $5 million deal? Really? He's played how many games this year and already you think he's worthy of $5 million? That it is even a possibility? All right, it's not my NHL, go ahead.


Back to the real issue though, how the Maple Leafs feel...how tired they are. What would you call it? Ronnie said they were tired, and that was when they couldn't win a single game.


Now that they've won a staggering three single games how are they feeling? Drowsy? I think they might be drowsy, that sounds like it's in the arena...but not quite.


Maybe they need bed rest, maybe they're sick they've got a cold or swine flu. Swine flu? Toronto Maple Leafs? Boy that might fit! I think maybe it might be a case but what do we do with all these symptoms of a coma?


I guess they do flop around a bit when they play, I mean giving it away the way the Leafs do they would have to be awake for it.


Maybe they are just tired, maybe they need a good rest, sleep a while, take it easy. It's too cold to play golf yet, so why not try that?


It sounds good right? That's how players win games, they get tired, they rest, then they come out with the same abilities they had before they took a rest, except they're well rested.


That's gotta be it, rest, because players fresh out of the AHL couldn't possible have any use for things like practicing! Boy, all this talk about resting has made me a bit tired, I've done nothing today... it's actually my birthday, so for my birthday I think I'll rest, because what I do in the run of a day is just so important and so great that resting makes it even better!


So that's what I will do.


The point of this article? What is it you might ask? Just laugh, if your a Leafs fan you have to appreciate the importance of humor.


Have fun, and for God sakes, REST!