Cincinnati Bengals: Why Do We Still Talk About Chad Johnson?

Shane HouseAnalyst IJune 13, 2008

Why, when I watch the NFL, do I always see people talk about Chad Johnson? Yeah, he is a good receiver—one of the best actually. But we never talk about him in that sense. We always talk about what his new football dance is going to be, or what he's going to say to the press next.

Personally I don't care anymore and am sick of hearing about it.

Recently, he has been talking about how he wants out of Cincinnati, and how he is sick of a mediocre team.

Hell, yesterday, during mandatory practices, he couldn't even get his fake injury right for the press, saying his back "hurt", while his agent said it was his ankle. Good job Chad, way to get your story straight.

The mind-boggling part of it all was that when they came back for afternoon practices, he was fine! Johnson was doing reps and running routes with his team.


Personally, I believe the Bengals should just cut ties with him. His complaints and distractions are hurting the team more than his talent is helping the team.

Even Carson Palmer said to the press about Chad, "I'm focusing on the players here who I can count on." Obviously he is fed up with all of this too.

The saddest part of all of this is the fact that Chad Johnson, in my opinion, is a top-five receiver when he wants to be—but that's a big WHEN. He has the talent to change the momentum of a game with one play, but then he ruins it with a celebration. The man just has no class.

The only way the Bengals are going to get better is by getting rid of Johnson. He isn't a team player, he isn't a role model to live by, and he only cares about the stat sheets and himself.

My word of advice is, if you want to be in the Hall of Fame, grow up and quit the act. It's only hurting you and, most importantly, the team as well.