Should There Be Do Overs In Sports

Michael MerrillContributor INovember 20, 2009

What a pity. What a shame. What a travesty. A gorgeous game, with the highest of stakes, defaced and ultimately decided by the blunder of a referee. -Tommy Smiyth

Well i would like to start off by saying that the Irish played their hearts out Wednesday night. If you missed the game I believe it was a qualifying game for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

At the end of the second half France and the Republic of Ireland found themselves locked in a tied battle and heading into over time. throughout the game the Irish had the advantage in physicality but the French had the skill and touch. In overtime the Irish seemed to become weak and began to lose the middle of the field where they had dominated all game. The French had 17 shots on goal compared to the Irish with only 5. The Irish felt like this was it they were going to make it to the World Cup. But the Irish luck ran dry 13 minutes into overtime. A pass the to Thierry Henry followed by his crossed to teammate Gallas. What happened was Henry crossed the ball with his hand to his teammate, and if that was not bad enough there where players offsides when the ball was passed to Henry. No call was made and the Irish went up in a flame of smoke, pleading until the end and then some afterwards. After the game Henry admitted to the handball and said that the refs did not call it therefore he played on, so no cheating in his mind. 

This brings two questions to my mind.

The first being, having all this technology should soccer have instant replay? The answer to this question is YES. If soccer wants to grow then they most change with the times.

the second question is from the demands of the Irish, should this game be replayed form the 13 minute of overtime? the answer will be no. But i would love to see this game finish in a fair mode but there is always going to be human mistakes. Hundreds of people would tune in to watch this "replay" ( including those that did not watch this game, and care really nothing about soccer) if they did decided to replay the game.

i feel really bad for the Irish team, there is no way FIFA will let them "replay" the game so they are stuck with the call by the ref. i also feel for the ref, because he has a ton of angry Irishmen looking for him.